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Real-Estate Building a house can often be a fresh start for many, even for those who’ve already owned their first, second or third home. Yet many people find themselves confused later on, once it .es down to all of the decision-making that’s often entailed with actually building a home. However, it’s more than possible to ensure that things run according to plan, providing that you keep a few things in mind of both before and during the whole process and also after. If you’re already thinking about building a home, it’s more than likely that you already have a rough idea of the things that you want to see in it. It’s generally good to keep most of these ideas either written down or organized, so that you can refer to them later on. Not only will this help you to set a clear path for what you’re envisioning, but it will also help others to see that vision as well, like a general contractors or even architects. One of the more difficult steps is trying to figure out just how you want your place to look function and flow. Due to this, it’s generally a good idea to make sure that you keep your ideas or visual aids on record and in an organized fashion. With this method, you’ll be able to get your point across to people such as architects, general contractors or designers, giving them a better idea of what your tastes are. You can do this through magazine cutouts or other visual aids that show room layouts, design and so on. Other things that you might want to keep record of would be items such as the fixtures that you’re interested in, plumbing or otherwise, as well as other materials that you’d like to see in your home. Often enough, you can use these as references for subcontractors or general contractors to go off of when it .es to the smaller things in your home. It’s important to make sure that you get as much as possible in writing when regarding contractors and the jobs that they do. This should probably include any material or labor expenses in both invoicing and estimates, including newly-written invoices or documentation, should anything be changed during the actual project. This will help you to thoroughly stay on top of things with record keeping and to avoid any disputes later on if they actually .e up. You might to make sure that you don’t hesitate to ask contractors questions before, after, or during any work being done. You may also want to make sure that you do some research about the work being done beforehand in order to ensure that you know what to expect and also what to look for as it’s happening. This way, you can make sure the that you’re well-prepared in knowing what to expect overall with the time and progress of the job itself, and also when regarding knowing what to look for in order to make sure that the jobs being done correctly. You can avoid many problems or a last-minute decisions and ensure that things go well by making sure that you’re well-prepared yourself when it .es to building a house. In the end, it’s important to make sure that you ask questions and gain plenty of knowledge yourself in order to keep ahead. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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Travel-and-Leisure By and large there’s nothing inherently dangerous about travelling abroad. In most places you’re likely to visit, you’re no more at risk of crime or injury than you would be at home. Nevertheless when the unfortunate does occur, it can often be much more stressful if it happens when you’re away from home and in unfamiliar surroundings. With that in mind, here are a few pieces of general travelling advice for making sure that you’re as safe as possible while on holiday: Securing your luggage: One of the biggest areas of risk when you’re abroad, keeping your luggage safe and secure is essential for any traveller – whether you’re backpacking across Asia or staying at a caravan park in France, losing your luggage can be disastrous. One simple step you can take is to padlock your luggage and mark it somehow, so that you can easily identify it and that no one can simply reach in and take something. This can be helpful when you can’t keep track of it, such as when you check in for a flight. Once you’ve arrived you should carry anything truly vital on your person, until you get to your accommodation – where you’ll most likely be able to hire a locker or at the very least, leave it in a locked hotel room. Prepare for an emergency: Preparing for the worst isn’t always an enjoyable mental exercise but it never hurts – and if the worst does happen, you’ll definitely appreciate it. For example, it’s recommended that you always keep a reserve of emergency cash in a secure location as well as carrying some funds with you; never carry all of it with you at once and never leave all of it in one place. Similarly you should make sure that your travel arrangements can’t be spoilt by securing your passport, air plane tickets or other travel documents. Research your destination: Although there’s definite appeal in the romance of venturing into new territory without any preconceived ideas, it can be a recipe for disaster. At the very least, a lack of advance research is likely to be extremely expensive, as you won’t know what the average cost of living is – so you won’t know how much money you’ll need or whether or not you’re being overcharged. At worst, it could put you at risk of some serious hazards that you could easily have avoided with a little warning. The main point is that when you travel to somewhere different from home, it could well have different laws, different diseases and different standards of behaviour. A little preparation such as visiting your doctor for immunisations or reading the advice on the Foreign Office website can go a long way to helping you prepare for your specific destination. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

Timeshares An Attractive Alternative To Owning Vacation

UnCategorized Timeshares are increasingly an attractive option to owning a vacation home. This fact is evidenced in the growing number of buyers who are entering the market, despite the negative signs that todays residential real estate market is showing. So what makes timeshare industry click with consumers? First of all, the term timesharing had its origins in the sixties. Back then, many European families found taxes too high that they decided to share vacation homes. The next decade saw the practice spread to America, in the form of one-week stays at resorts or condominiums. Another rationale for the birth of timesharing was the fact that maintaining a vacation property, which was used only once a year, was too expensive. In recent years, the practice of timesharing has shown great benefits for many consumers. New research has showed that some Americans spend $5,000 and up for regular holidays, which is hardly affordable for most families. Maxing out credit cards can probably solve it. However, it is most likely that families would spend the next two years paying off for a No-Expense-Spared vacation just so they could do it again. This has led some people to consider purchasing a timeshare. Basically, timeshares are vacation condos that are used for a certain period of time each year. They are patronized by many families because of their cost saving features. In 2006, consumers spent an average $17,620 to buy a timeshare week. That does not include the yearly maintenance charges that frequently add up to as high as $1,000, which has to be paid whether the property is used or not. Despite that, many people consider timeshares a good investment into their vacations and their health. Here are the reasons why timeshares are an appealing option to owning a vacation: Affordability. Many former vacation home owners and would-be second home investors are buying timeshares at a fraction of the costs of a vacation property. In timesharing, no mortgage is often necessary and funds are not tied up in one big investment. No vacancy concerns. Timeshare owners do not need to make their homes available as vacation rentals. There is no need for them to be concerned about maintenance issues with tenants, nor is there a need for them to maintain the property long-distance. They also have no such concerns when they sign out of their timeshares. Reasonable maintenance fees. .pared to second home ownership maintenance charges, the annual expenses are inexpensive. Fees normally include property insurance, maintaining the premises, future furniture replacements and other updates, resort management and personnel, maid service, and other operational expenses involved in running the property. With the varied features that timeshares offer, such as flexibility and different vacation lifestyle experience, families now have wider choices when it .es to location, time and length of stay. What is more, timeshares are not prone to blackout dates, so traveling anytime is possible. Thanks to the concept of timesharing, families now do not have to put up with vacations that demand thousands of dollars upfront. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

A Round Earth Theory Or A World Globe Which Came

Home-and-Family If everyone thought the earth was flat until Christopher Columbus discovered America in the late 15th century, how is it that some terrestrial globes were made before then? Before answering this we need to address two of the facts presented in the question itself, because although they are widely accepted, they are nevertheless false. Discovery of North America Columbus was definitely not the first to discover America, though he was probably the first to spread the news about the New World throughout Europe. Even if we disregard the Native Americans who, most scientists believe, crossed over into North America from Asia during the last Ice Age, there have been many parties taking credit for the initial exploration and some claims are still coming in. Among those to announce they were the first and when include the Hebrews in around 1000 BC, members of the ascetic Celtic Church in 770 AD, the Vikings in 990 AD, Basque fishermen, Africans, the Portuguese, Japanese, Amerigo Vespucci (thought to be the person America is named after), and others. The most recent claim, that it was the Chinese, was made by Gavin Menzies in his book 1421: The Year China Discovered America, which was published in 2003. The truth is, we dont actually know who first discovered America and well probably never know due to conflicting information and lack of scientific evidence. Flat vs. Round Earth Contrary to popular belief, not everyone thought the earth was flat when Columbus set out on his first voyage. As a matter of fact, Greek philosophers proposed that the earth was spherical in shape back in the 6th century BC, though it remained just a philosophical concept until the 3rd century BC when a new geocentric model of celestial motion was introduced into Greek astrology. Encouraged by Plato, a young mathematician called Eudoxus of Cnidus proposed that the heavenly realm was spherical in shape and consisted of multiple, rotating spheres that surrounded the earth, which itself was motionless and spherical in shape. To Aristotle, Platos prize student, spherical earth wasnt just a theory — it was definitive. Aristotle provided valid scientific arguments about lunar eclipses, stars, etc. to support his conclusion, but the one I like best was just a simple observation. He noted that when a boat sails away from you, no matter in which direction, its hull disappears from sight before its sails do. He concluded this must be due to curvature, so the earth must be a sphere. Aristotle knew the earth was round as he watched these boats sail into the horizon nearly 2,000 years before Columbus ever set sail on his voyages. Its noteworthy to mention that Aristarchus of Samos, Greek astronomer and mathematician, presented an alternate, heliocentric model which proposed that the sun, not the earth, was at the center of the universe, but this concept was not well received. It was disregarded for almost 1,800 years until the heliocentric theory was revived by Copernicus and modified by Isaac Newton and Johannes Kepler. World Globes Although the art of making terrestrial globes became popular, even extremely fashionable, from the 16th century, some were made long before then (though specialty globes like the bar globes and globe bar trolleys that are used as home bars today were still a ways off). You may think that since the Greeks were the first to entertain the idea of a round earth, maybe they were the first to make a globe. Youd probably be right. As far as we know, the first terrestrial globe was constructed in 140 BC by a Greek named Cratos of Mallos in 140 BC. So even if there were people who believed the earth was flat until the 15th century, though less than we may think, there were also many who knew otherwise long, long before Columbus didnt discover America. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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Keenan Winery And Vineyards Makes Delicious Wine Farming Wine Grapes Sustainably Posted By: Keenan Winery Keenan Winery and Vineyards is recognized as a pioneering vineyard of the Spring Mountain District; Peter Conradi planted vineyards there in the late 19th century; in 1974, Robert Keenan, Michael Keenan’s father, purchased 180 forested acres, including the original 100-acre site of the old Conradi vineyard. Robert re-planted with rows of Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot and used the foundation from the original stone winery to build a new winery in time for harvest in 1977. Each year as we approach the holiday season, we reflect on our good fortune that Robert Keenan followed his hunch about the potential for growing grapes on Spring Mountain, and each vintage of excellent Keenan Napa Valley Wines has confirmed for us that we’re on the right track! To honor Robert Keenan’s early commitment to Spring Mountain, one of the first steps we took when Michael Keenan took over responsibility for Keenan in 1998, was to begin an intensive replanting program of the whole estate. We focused on increasing soil health through organic farming and the use of organic compost and cover crops.

Napa Valley Wines Top Napa Valley Wines From Keenan Winery Vineyard Posted By: Keenan Winery Keenan Winery rated best winery in Napa Valley California for producing top range of wines that reveal wonderful character, combined with complex, tight-knit tannins, great structure, and definitive age-ability. We make wine from using only the finest grapes to the Portuguese cork in the bottle, the Keenan commitment to quality is consistent. 2013 Chardonnay Spring Mountain District Keenan’s 2013 Chardonnay was hand harvested, de-stemmed, and then gently pressed. The juice was fermented and aged in primarily used oak barrels. The wine was left on the lees and the barrels were stirred weekly. No secondary or malolactic fermentation was carried out, leading to the crisp, citrus character of this wine. The Napa valley chardonnay wines were bottled after approximately seven months of aging in the cellar. The finished wine shows citrus, ripe pear and green apple in the nose. Hints of lush white peach are noticed as the wine opens up. The sur-lie aging has added richness and complexity, and a touch of toasty oak returns on the finish. Like all of Keenan’s wines, this Chardonnay Napa Valley is a food worthy wine whose crisp acidity and medium body will accompany awide variety of food fare.

Chardonnay Napa Valley Keenan Vineyards And Winery Napa Valley California Posted By: Keenan Winery February seasonal temperatures in Napa Valley can be remarkably cool and wet, especially in the Spring Mountain District, high above the town of St. Helena. The mountainside vineyard elevations are anywhere from 400 to 2100 feet and rainfall is usually abundant during the winter season, although much of California has experienced drought conditions the past three years. However, the northern part of the state, especially those areas north of the Golden Gate, have received a respectable amount of moisture this winter. Beginning with October of last year and measuring rainfall through February 2015, Keenan Winery has been blessed with approximately thirty inches of the wet stuff. And with the season not quite over, we’re looking forward to a few more inches before the rain is gone for good. General Manager Matt Gardner reports that the moderate rainfall and warm, spring-like weather have encouraged early ‘budbreak’ in a few vineyards at the Keenan Estate, mostly Chardonnay, although there’s some evidence of new buds beginning to appear in the beautiful "Mailbox" Merlot vineyard just below the Keenan Wine Tasting Spot in Napa.

Napa valley winery New Robert Keenan Winery Tasting Room Open For Visitors Posted By: Keenan Winery The Really Big News: the newly renovated Keenan Tasting Room is finally open and ready to welcome visitors! From the new parking lot to the expanded tasting bar and the beautiful wood floors inlaid with the Keenan logo, we were careful to keep the warm character and rustic lodge ambiance of Keenan that visitors to our estate have come to know and appreciate. Easily accessible balconies bring the beauty of the mountainside indoors, offering expansive views of the Keenan Napa valley winery vineyards – it’s easier than ever to see why we love the Spring Mountain District. Make one of your holiday priorities a visit to Keenan Estate -we’re eager to show off our new home! The Fall Season heralds a wonderful change of scenery in all of Napa Valley, but especially here on Spring Mountain as we celebrate the close of another successful harvest season. 2014 was an especially excellent vintage year for our estate – Michael Keenan believes this year will produce the very best-and largest-crop of Napa valley cabernet sauvignon wine he’s experienced in Napa Valley.

Napa Valley vineyards Robert Keenan Winery Our New Tasting Room Is Open! Posted By: Keenan Winery 2011 Mailbox Merlot Offering – The Really Big News: the newly renovated Keenan Tasting Room is finally open and ready to welcome visitors! From the new parking lot to the expanded tasting bar and the beautiful wood floors inlaid with the Keenan logo, we were careful to keep the warm character and rustic lodge ambiance of Keenan that visitors to our estate have come to know and appreciate. Easily accessible balconies bring the beauty of the mountainside indoors, offering expansive views of the Keenan Napa Valley vineyard – it’s easier than ever to see why we love the Spring Mountain District. Make one of your holiday priorities a visit to Keenan Estate -we’re eager to show off our new home! The Fall Season heralds a wonderful change of scenery in all of Napa Valley, but especially here on Spring Mountain as we celebrate the close of another successful harvest season. 2014 was an especially excellent vintage year for our estate – Michael Keenan believes this year will produce the very best-and largest-crop of cabernet sauvignon Napa valley 2009 he’s experienced in Napa Valley.

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wine napa valley quake wine train donation Randy Kewell Biography From Keenan Winery Posted By: Keenan Winery Randy’s early winemaking "education" began in the early 1980s when he worked for one of Napa Valley’s unique wine bottling services. Courses on winemaking at Napa Valley College followed and lead to a position at Lake Spring Winery in Yountville where he became the assistant winemaker, managing all cellar responsibilities, from harvest to bottling for more than seven years. In January of 1995, Randy joined the team at Keenan Winery; today he is the Cellar Master for the winery, responsible for supervising the day–to–day winemaking operations. Randy appreciates the team effort at Keenan and works closely with both Michael Keenan and General Manager Matt Gardner to ensure the Napa Merlot wines are carefully tended from the arrival of fruit at the winery during harvest, through fermentation and barrel aging, and finally, overseeing the mobile bottling operation. He participates in winery blending trials and welcomes the chance to offer his observations. "I love the freedom to ‘make it happen’ and the opportunity to express my skill as a valued member of the Keenan team the excellence of Keenan wines is a result of our combined effort.

Napa Valley Wines Matt Gardner Biography From Keenan Winery Posted By: Keenan Winery Matt Gardner graduated from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo with a degree in Ag Business and Fruit Science in the spring of 1994, and worked his first grape harvest later that fall at a small family—owned winery in the Santa Cruz Mountains. He was offered a position at Keenan Winery in December of 1994, and spent the next two decades learning about the unique advantages and challenges associated with growing premium grapes and making wine on Spring Mountain. Today, Matt’s expert knowledge of the region’s terroir is indispensable to the ongoing success of Keenan Napa Valley Wines. During his early tenure at the winery, Matt was instrumental in working with Michael Keenan to replant the majority of the estate vineyards established in the 1970s. Although he admits it was a painful process, he supported Michael’s decision to remove diseased grapevines, replacing them with new, more appropriate rootstock, applying soil conservation techniques such as legume and grass cover crops, row orientation, and efficient irrigation.

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Napa Valley Wines Open House – Robert Keenan Winery And Vineyards Posted By: Keenan Winery What a great party! We were happy to see everyone at our annual open house was this year! The day was filled with great food, music, and of course wine! (BTW, if you could not make it this year, we hope you can attend in 2014. This exclusive party is one of Napa’s biggest events of the year and we want everyone to be a part of it. It is as simple as a wine membership.) As a member you will receive our newsletter, recipes, and winemaker notes, plus four bottles of our award-winning Napa Valley Mountain Wines. All conveniently shipped to your home or office twice a year. Not to mention, an annual party! This annual party is truly the highlight of our year. It’s a wonderful opportunity for existing members to bring all their family and friends to enjoy some great company and Napa valley syrah wine. It’s also a time for us to get to know you! Any member of our team is happy to share stories over a glass of your favorite vintage.

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Zinfandel Napa Valley Robert Keenan Winery Reviews & Recommendations Posted By: Keenan Winery Robert Keenan Winery is simply awesome! Laura, our host, was great and provided a wonderful, informative experience. We really liked every one of their wines. They were all interesting, nuanced, complex and unique, with incredible terroir and trueness to the varietal that speaks to the soul. These are not tourist oriented, point drive wines, although Keenan wines (rightfully) score among the highest. Their wines are not geared to the latest trend in popular taste but to a vision of presenting the complexity of the varietals without gimmicks or tricks. You get the real thing here. You get wines with all of the primal complexity that comes only from the very finest quality grapes and the most authentic and talented winemakers. Robert Keenan wines wines are intense wines that have incredible varietal integrity and terroir. Robert Conradi started the first winery on this land in the late 1800s but went out of business during prohibition. In 1974, Robert Keenan purchased the 180 acres and cultivated 48 acres of it for grapes. (Our friend, who accompanied us to Keenan, almost purchased this vineyard before Robert Keenan did but ended up buying Pickle Canyon Vineyard (Kitty Hawk Vineyard) up on Mt. Veeder instead.

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Napa Valley Wineries Wines Country Tours 101: Napa Valley Tour Posted By: Donn Hartman Planning a wine country trip within California wine country may present very the actual conundrum; while a Napa Valley tour alone could be tough to organize due to the pure quantity of incredible options, travelers might be surprised to discover the expression AND #8216;California Wine Country AND #8217; is utilized loosely to include every thing as considerably to the south because Temecula wines country so that as considerably to the north as Or. However for those who are looking for the actual quintessential Napa Valley wines travel in the coronary heart involving correct AND #8216;Napa AND #8217; and need to find out where to start in order to make their own journey prosperous, this is a guide to help you together with planning with out missing out on a single thing. Step one: Choose Your Wines Country Tours Based on Fruit Indeed, Napa Area has more than three hundred wineries to select from. However until you intend on moving presently there as well as going to a single every day to get a full year, you may need a few assist modifying lower the list. To begin with, focus on the particular fruit.
Napa Valley Tour The California Wine Region – It’s A Fabulous Experience Posted By: Blake Bolston For most people throughout the world, they think of the wine countries of Europe. There is so much tradition surrounding the famous wineries throughout France and Italy. Even so, half way around the world is California. It’s a major wine region that has represented the wine industry with many award winning wines for over 100 years. For anyone remotely familiar with California, the first place that comes to mind is the Napa valley for it’s rich tradition of quality wines. Surprisingly, California has 15 major wine regions in the state. The many regions produce all types from Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay to a range of sparkling wines. Here’s a description of some of the major regions and what you’ll find in each. The Napa Valley Like it was mentioned previously, this is not only the finest wine region in California, but throughout the world. Napa Valley wines rival the premiere regions in France. The finest Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnays are produced in the valley. The country side is breathtaking and you don’t have to travel very far to hop from one winery to the next. Mendocino This is a very quaint and unique coastal town up the northern coast.
wines Bold Red Wines Posted By: Ward Andrews If elegance and sophistication is what you are looking for then surely you must be a fan of red wine! A personification of class and dignity for centuries, red wine can speak volumes on your behalf. Perhaps the most aristocratic way of intoxicating yourself, red wine is the favorite of most intellectuals and dignitaries. A lot of effort and careful observation must go in to ensuring that your wine tastes perfect. Wines not only need to leave that lingering taste in your mouth but must also go well with the food that you eat along with it. The specialty of red wine lies in its subtlety and you must be careful before you settle in on your choice of red wine! The Italian style wines are known to be ideal as an accompaniment with your food. There was a time when Californians believed Italian wines to be cheap and of a bad taste and thus preferred to avoid them. But very soon they were proved wrong. In fact the Italian style wines perhaps serve the role of an accompaniment with your food in the best possible way. This wine is rich in flavor and extremely sophisticated.

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