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People’s Daily: do not let the people’s livelihood fraud "private custom" – View – on the Internet, we have to leave a message, but I can leave, you can not leak, not illegal sale of a liar trap, Xu Yuyu students died. The news spread, people lament. As of now, the suspect has been arrested. Some people just relieved, but also exposed a similar "caught" tragedy. Why can crooks often succeed? Is it too deep? Before, I don’t think so. Always feel that the mass is a liar or message: I am the landlord, the card number changed, the rent hit my husband card, card number is……" , or with the senior single dog, said, your son in my hand, who can cheat ah! Until a few days ago, I received a phone call: "mr.! We would like to introduce you to the marriage service!"   I asked, "how do you know I’m not married?" She said: "our information from XX company website, your name is called" idle light "?" I was at that time: how do they know? Return to the "Xu Yuyu incident": family poverty, the whole family by his father working outside their livelihoods, need help, and she is in line with a regular student activities, and just took from this really grants call at this time received a telephone fraud, claiming that you have a grant to grant. Can you tell me whether you are Li Kui or Li Gui? This is a coincidence or information leakage, pending further investigation, however, our personal information through the Internet world, name, gender, ID number, home address and PubMed, go abroad, apply for grants and other information, the components of the individual trajectories, once the information being used, carefully tailored a set the fraud scheme, then we probably will fall into the trap. How is our information stolen? Have their own responsibility. Think of the roadside in order to cost a few dollars to the cost of toys and swept the code, readily registered APP, filled in the form of the Internet, are likely to be taken. Should be more on the dessert. However, with their own care, it is impossible to do not leave traces of geese". Survival on the Internet, each move will generate data, to enjoy a better, more personalized service, but also to transfer more personal information, how to prevent? So, the key lies behind those regrating. In order to earn some money, regardless of cause much damage to others. As for the day will be a lot of citizen information leaked out institutions within their grasp, especially the national unit staff intentionally leaked to profit, more is to blame. On the Internet, we have to leave a message, but I can leave, you can not leak, not through illegal business, let the information become "private custom" tools for his money! Should "streaking" personal information with more security coat. "People’s Daily" (08 2016 29 August 12 Edition) (commissioning editor Cao Kun and Wen Songhui)相关的主题文章: