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Popular science books how to get started? An article to teach you! My mother is the Sohu overseas education group Ma Carol for more than and 10 years English picture book promotion, the practitioner in here and whether 100 thousand mother exchange enlightenment experiences with STEM literacy parent-child reading, the Americans considered to be the key competitiveness of the children. STEM "S" requires us to cultivate children’s scientific literacy. How many years can begin to read science books? What science picture books? China’s science education has not been enough attention, in recent years, some mothers have realized this. In fact, we believe that more clearly, in the exam oriented education, little attention to science, so many children grow up, there is no interest in science. When it comes to popular science, there are many people who think it should be the knowledge of scientists. And we ordinary people, as long as a simple understanding. But is it really that way? More attention should be given to the children’s education mothers, popular science books are important for children. Regardless of whether or not to engage in scientific knowledge related to the work of the young children around the world, nature and a variety of biological knowledge is very important. A long time ago, foreign educators did such an experiment to track the two children in the kindergarten. One is a relatively remote town, the child hardly read popular science books. And another kindergarten has a dedicated teacher to guide reading popular science books. By the time the average age of the children was 15 years old, educators have found significant differences in some children. It is clear that the children who love reading popular science books in the ability to think and solve problems than do not love reading popular science, and even the children have never been more popular science. So parents in addition to guide their children to read, but also should consider what to read books. As far as possible to allow children to absorb multiple knowledge. Guide children to read popular science books, but also an important responsibility of parents. So the child should be in contact with popular science books? Read what popular science books? First of all, when the child does not have a clear understanding of the popular science books, but as long as the parents carefully observed that it is not difficult to find when the child is interested. If the child does not have a strong love implies that the general parents can start the popular science reading in children at the age of 2. Because from the age of 2, children will gradually become curious about the outside world, is the child to explore the natural science of the sensitive period". The following is a brief introduction of several sets of popular English popular science books. If you pay attention to children English teaching mothers should guide the child to see English books. Learn interesting knowledge and enhance your vocabulary, shoot two hawks with one arrow. A stage (2~7 years) recommended science books: 01 "I am" series of popular science books (10) series of introduction | enlightenment science books I AM series published by the United States Scholastic, the book covers the basic knowledge of science, and with a CD, the content of the story was the 10 book. The content of I am | enjoy series of books, with a simple English sentence, collocation!相关的主题文章: