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Music Favorite music for Teens now has variety of styles. A lot of songs cover mostly about teen needs and hopes. Modern rock and pop are some of the types of music most teens listen to. Teens find these kinds of music change their moods, furnish their slang, prevail on their conversations and make an ambiance at social gatherings. These kinds of music for teens define the crowd and groups around them. It allows them how they should act and dress accordingly. It seems that it even modifies the study habits. The influence of different kinds of music somehow makes an impact in a teenager’s life. Music of different styles nowadays is used to acquire information about the teen world. It helps in building friendly relationship on social settings and create personal identity and social reach. It really matters to teens as it satisfies their wants and desires. Teenagers listen to popular songs from different kinds of music at least four to five hours a day. It jibes into their experiences. In reality teens all over the world love to listen to popular songs and are devoted to famous artists and musical genre* such as r & b, jazz and rock. Some combinations of various music styles draw teens’ attention. MP3, CD players, ipods and the internet maintain teenagers connected to their favorite artists or bands most of the time. Music plays a large part in a teenagers life. Some join bands to play their favorite kind of music or songs. Music relieve stress and tension for teenagers. It paves way for them to express their feelings and themselves. Songs are composed from different music genres. These are categorized accordingly. Some music expresses the artists beliefs and views around him. Others say it is a blend of the past and the present. Teenagers are very selective in choosing music. This variety and selectivity is crucial for teens because it represents the symbolic environment of genres and the preferences are linked to individual or group identity element. That’s why teens choose their songs according to what music style they prefer. In some way, it reflects who they are. About the Author: Teenagers are really more meticulous these days. This is why TeenWants (.www.teenwants.com) hopes to bring teens all around the world together and let them experience everything positive and enriching. Sunil Kumar writes for TeenWants.com. TeenWants.com is the place for games, video, music, shopping, fitness, entertainment and even job opportunities for teens. Check out TeenWants.com (.www.teenwants.com) for prizes and games as well! Article Published On: ..articlesnatch.. – Music 相关的主题文章: