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Pregnant mother lactation cold how to do? Mother – Sohu after the end of August, the Northeast autumn is getting stronger, and can feel the obvious difference. This is a cold season high, pregnant mother will inevitably be affected, people worried that pregnant women suffering from a cold should take medicine, take medicine might affect the fetus, do not take medicine and worry about the disease is a threat to the fetus, in the end how? Do you need to see a doctor? If it is determined that the common cold symptoms were not severe. There is no heat (temperature greater than 39 degrees), generally will not affect the fetus, pregnant mothers need not worry too much about it, drink plenty of water, rest, do not go to see the doctor or special medicine. If the body temperature continues to exceed 39 degrees, may increase the risk of fetal physical defects, so pregnant mothers do not have to carry hard in high fever, do not think that no medicine is good for the baby. Therefore, if the symptoms are serious, intolerable or high fever and so on the need to see a doctor. When you see a doctor, please choose general medicine or department of respiration. The doctor will according to your symptoms, physical examination (such as the throat, lung auscultation etc.) and auxiliary examination (such as blood) to determine whether you have merged and then decide how to treat bacterial infection. An antidote against the disease because persistent fever fever headache is the most unfavorable factors may affect the fetus, especially in early pregnancy, so timely fever is important for pregnant and lactating women, the body temperature is greater than or equal to 38.5 degrees, can consider to consult a doctor, take necessary safety anti fever drugs. Acetaminophen (trade name: Tylenol and Panadol) is currently the most safe antipyretic analgesics during pregnancy and lactation. Can be taken in order to relieve symptoms of high fever or systemic pain, sore throat, breast-feeding also do not need to stop breast-feeding. Bloven (trade name: Merrill Lynch, fenbide) can be safely used in pregnancy and lactation period of 3~6 months, can be used for high fever or sore throat pain, symptomatic relief of symptoms. Other time periods in pregnancy should consult a doctor in advance. Sore throat or hoarse to 1 2~1 (1 =5 ml 4 spoon spoon) salt dissolved in 1 cup (240 ml) in warm water with warm salt water, rinse with warm salt water several times a day, can relieve a sore throat or hoarse. If the pain is intense, also can take antipyretic analgesic drug paracetamol. Most of the coughing cough medicines containing dextromethorphan, it can be used safely in lactation, but not recommended for use during pregnancy; the water can also relieve cough; cough can take honey, 1 2~1 each time 4 tablespoons a day for many times; if the cough can affect sleep, sleeping mat high pillow. Nasal spray can be used to spray the sea salt spray, you can also use hot and humid steam inhalation of nasal cavity to relieve symptoms of nasal congestion. Be careful to avoid the cold medicine pit Chinese medicine Banlangen Granules, ganmaotuire granules and preparation of traditional Chinese medicine: the truth is really not much effect, and adverse effect is unknown, is not recommended. Avoid compound cold medicine at this stage should avoid the use of compound.相关的主题文章: