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Computers-and-Technology When you recycle printer toner cartridges, you not only contribute to a healthier planet, but you can also support your favorite charity or non-profit organization. It’s so easy. You probably already know that empty printer toner cartridges contribute to huge landfills and pollution worldwide. But did you also know that it takes up to three liters of petroleum oil just to produce the plastic found on one toner cartridge? When you recycle, you reduce the wasted materials from filling up our landfills, while simultaneously cutting the need for new raw materials required for production. The plastic used in the manufacture of printer toner cartridges is non biodegradable, which means it takes over a century to even begin decomposing. When you consider the quantity of cartridges used by individuals and businesses each month, you’ll start to realize the mounting effects this has on our landfills and for our future generations. Printer toner cartridge recycling expands the lifecycle of each unit, allowing for refill and remanufacture. This process begins with a thorough cartridge dismantle, cleaning and worn parts replacement. Next, the refurbished, fully functioning cartridges are filled with fresh toner for resale and reuse. How can you support printer toner cartridge recycling? Find out if your new cartridge purchases can be remanufactured, refilled or recycled after use. Most companies offer their own recycling program. In this case, simply return the used cartridge with their pre-printed mailing label in the provided bag and shipping box. If the company doesn’t offer its own recycling program, there’s a number of charities, schools, churches and non-profit organizations that collect used inkjet and laser printer toner cartridges. This is a significant fundraising activity, earning much-needed revenue for each donation. To learn more or to find a charity near you, search online under the keywords ‘donate toner cartridge’. Since 1999, ..TonerDealers.. has been one of the largest toner resources online, saving customers up to 60% on nearly 4,000 unique toner and cartridge models everyday. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: