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Business In the 21’st century, where everybody is shopping online for both products and services, it is a fact that all things need to be moved throughout the country and in most of the cases it is done by road. Therefore, as a professional driver you will not only have a good career, but also steady source of earning, which is important in this difficult economy. Aside from passenger carrying vehicle (PCV), large goods motor vehicle (LGV), now there is a new certification in the UK called driver CPC training. The basic aim of driver CPC training is to improve road safety, expand the driver’s expertise and knowledge and ensure that they have requisite expertise and knowledge. One of the CPC training courses, Driver’s CPC is an initial training course. It is specifically for new entrants who have LGV Cat C or C1 and are interested in a professional driver. This course is meant to impart proper skills to the professional HGV drivers. The Driver CPC course has been divided into four modules that should be .pleted. The first module consists of a theory test where you need to get at least 85 out of 100 questions correct. There is also a Hazard Perception theory exam test where out of 100 questions you need to get 67 answers right. There is a theory study exam in the second module that is based on scenarios and case studies. In module three, there is LGV practical driving test where you will have to drive on different roads under varying conditions to show how you adapt to such situations. These tests may last for about an hour or so. Module four is practical knowledge exam that is designed to test your ability to ensure load and vehicle safety. Once you .plete all the four modules, you will get Driver CPC card. You can now begin professional driving and will have to take periodic course after every 5 years. You can search for such courses online as many schools have their websites where they list the details of these courses. For most of the courses, you will have to attend the school for .pleting your training. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: