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Eliminate the "ghost train", Uber launched a safe driver safety function of the self – Sohu technology 11 pm Beijing Dashanzi intersection in the United States, had just attended the conference love fan children took a mobile phone edit Uber, driver orders, mobile phone is displayed on the car to arrive and begin the trip. Anxious love fan children edit no matter how hit the driver calls are not connected, no car. Photo reference: Sina micro-blog carefully look at the driver’s head, can not help but behind a cold. There have been several Uber ghost car after the experience, I do not want to use Uber. However, in order to put an end to this driver malicious brush thing, and in order to better ensure the safety of passengers, Uber in the United States launched a new driver safety self timer function. The use of a new driver safety self timer function, which means that every Uber driver before receiving orders, you need to use the phone to take a photo of yourself, in order to verify the identity of the single. Such a setting also ensures the safety of passengers, allowing passengers to determine the Uber driver is driving my head. See here, do not think that just take a self timer will be able to escape the monitoring, the Uber uses the face recognition technology provided by Microsoft, only real people will be successful. There are already several U.S. cities Uber began to use this feature, Uber said: this technology can ensure the safety of passengers and drivers to a certain extent. Love fan children (micro signal: iFanr) believes that if after this line in the country, will be reduced to some extent, the current domestic Uber driver malicious brush single phenomenon. Although each car platform profit subsidies for drivers earlier than before, but the new Uber driver award ratio drops, easy to more, so as to give a single brush driver handle. Before the news: in September 30, 2016, the new registration and complete the 10-30 driver yuho trip (after each city index is not the same), you can get up to 800 extra yuan new rewards. So there is ghost car gang PS strange images and use a lot of Real ID card to buy a registered driver, brush to get rewards. What should we do when we meet the ghost driver? Under normal circumstances, ghost car will have a driver looks like a strange head, no matter how you hit the driver’s phone will not be connected, less than a minute after the start of the trip is over. This time as long as their own car and order screenshots and the preservation of evidence, after Uber returned to their customer service communication can be deducted from travel expenses.         相关的主题文章: