Reminder strong home court of Ghent Bijia League 7 game winning streak k-boxing

Reminder: strong home court of Ghent Belgian League won 7 straight [] than single field prediction: football game time: 2016-11-27 VS of Ghent, Kortrijk Sunday 21:30 Venue: analysis of Huyler, golf ball: Altium Hunting: Ghent Ghent in the past Europa court home court drew 2:2 with Braga, Coulibaly and Milicevic respectively scored thus, Ghent to 1 points behind the Braga after ranking the third team, the next round of fighting, do not win this fort is likely to be eliminated. Ghent in the last round of league than to a 2:0 victory over Moss golon, from Ghent completely reversed the defeat, with two straight posture to achieve the November Bijia League opener. Ghent is currently 27 points to 8 wins, 3 draws and 4 negative results ranked in the standings than third, there are 6 League points than the top Wilshire difference, and Bruges and Charleroi have the same points, than the title of the situation is very fierce. Ghent is currently in the final home court record of Bijia league team, they achieved 7 straight victories and excellent, on the defensive end of the performance is also done, only 3 goals lost home court. At the new season results Bijia remains strong, they mainly rely on home court points, because their away record is not ideal, even ouben and teams like Mechelen can be generous to send points. The good and the strength of the Kortrijk will be a competition, only for Ghent bad news is that they just put a lot of energy in Europe, even so, a ball disc out of the Gambling company will be a boost for their good. For backward to Kortrijk in the new season than in the league, the last round of League to draw 1:1 with Wentz Rand, Congo midfielder Kagge’s goal for the team to get 1 points. Thus they have achieved good results in the 6 round unbeaten Bijia league. For the new season of firepower, the French striker Sadi has scored 9 league goals, ranked the top scorer in the second pro, and kage also contributed 7 goals, he followed. It can be seen that the influence of Kortrijk continue is their worst defensive ability, 22 league goals so that they can not and before the six giants compete more than 10 at the end of the game, so far in this regard is somewhat improved. Now for lineup appeared in the red card crisis, main midfielder Vista Te accumulated 5 yellow cards will be suspended in the round, and Roland and Youao for careers with 4 yellow cards, Thomas Kaminski, Roman Mehta Neale and kage them to 3 yellow cards. For there are still defects defensive end in Bijia road performance, 8 games, 13 league goals to illustrate the problem, have improved in 3 away games after mid October. For this round will challenge the Ghent, this is an attack against anti, Kortrijk will continue to improve their defense is very important, so to get 1%相关的主题文章: