Rng.mata left the game 667 days LPL journey ended htc802w

RNG.Mata LPL left the game 667 days journey end [Abstract] although Mata has confirmed the departure, but the German Cup is not RNG.Mata song. The next NEST, Mata will continue to participate in the RNG auxiliary identity. At the same time he was also nominated for the LPL all star team in Barcelona. Mata hair face book announced officially leave the original text translation RNG: Hello, I am Mata Zhao Shiheng. I will leave RNG from the start of the season. Although it is hard to live abroad, but had won the domestic league title, but also participated in a lot of games, for me is a new opportunity, but also let me feel how to do better together 2 years. Although the players still want me to take care of the players in order to better operate, but on the contrary, I often feel that they are not so free, I limited the ability of the players. I think it’s the right thing to do to put more energy into the team. On the other hand, I operate towards me is not so hard. Although the team is very supportive of me and I want to stay, but individuals have health problems, and would like to play games in korea. Give me cheer and love fans, there is no reserve to help my team, translation, players, sorry, and, very grateful. I hope you can support RNG. I will not give up will continue to work hard. Although the text is not mature, thank you for reading. And the end times, Mata RNG has been integrated into the blood in the face book after the release of Mata, Royal Club official micro-blog also released a long micro-blog called "and one", confirmed Mata. The electronic athletics club League Division, RNG marine auxiliary player Mata, due to health reasons and personal reasons, will leave RNG. Parting too sad, because the Mata RNG has been integrated into the blood. The royal family in one year, we know that a teenager he clearly know their target personal independence of conduct. Very few people know how serious he is in training, the end of the training session, he began to analyze one by one, the age is not large, but the coach has a style. He always helped countless times to assist the identity of carry team, spring championship, pet touched the careless head, happy to embrace together, S6 and Uzi in summer; race composition road strongest combination, together, he gave the team bring fresh blood, never keep. When he was in a state of decline, when the conflict in the field of foreign aid, I really want to say to him, do not blame yourself, you will always be RNG Mata, not beyond the auxiliary. Miss and Mata signed a lifetime of "contract", do not listen to "sweet pot NO GG, enough to see the" horse round ", but could not bear to leave his body so frequent situation. He will be with us to complete the next game, complete the final contract with RNG. And the end times, how to erase reluctant mood seems to be the world’s problems. Then good bye – bye, RNG, MATA. The World Cup players when it comes to get both praise and blame MVP Mata, actually.相关的主题文章: