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Network-Marketing If ever you are feeling down and out about your Network Marketing business then I would highly re.mend an hour or two reading Robert Kiyosaki’s books! Its a certainty that you will feel better for doing so. Whilst being very successful in the world of business himself he has written many books on succeeding in business and self help. I doubt there are many Network Marketers around that haven’t heard of Rich Dad, Poor Dad! A book that you simply must read if you haven’t already. Kiyosaki Network Marketing He has written 15 books so far and sold over a whopping 26 million copies! As well as his business success he was awarded the ‘Air Medal’ for his service in the Vietnam war as a helicopter gunship pilot. Creating wealth by investing, property and direct marketing are Robert’s focus in most of his teachings. He is well positioned to teach folks in these subjects, he has himself attained much success and wealth in each of these areas of business. By creating your own residual and passive wealth through direct marketing you are making a wise decision. You are taking the decision to be responsible for your own financial future and that of your family. It is highly unlikely that you will EVER get rich from working for someone else and remaining in an employee mindset. The longer I stay in this marketing game, the more surprised I get at the sheer number of folks who are quite happy to stick in their so called ‘secure’ job and never take any action to remove themselves from the masses and create for themselves lifestyle & prosperity. They say they want freedom but never actually do anything about it!. I don’t know about you but I struggle to think of any other business that the average individual can get involved with and make a secure in.e from a relatively small investment. For most MLM business opportunities an investment of anything from $100 up to $1000 is all that’s needed to get started, .pare this with a traditional business where you will almost certainly be looking at several thousand dollars investment. There have been more millionaires created within the network marketing industry than in any other. Some folks have criticised Robert’s books for being more theory than practical how to, but then again that’s the job of any would be entrepreneur, to gather ALL the facts needed to get started on your journey. It is true that he doesn’t give step by step guides to actually setting up a business, but there is still much to be gained from him. You won’t be building any business without the right mindset and motivation! You will probably be motivated and ready to go build your empire by the time you have finished his books, but what will you need then? Two very important aspects of any MLM business are enough leads and enough cash flow. It stands to reason that a lack of leads will mean that your network marketing business simply won’t grow. This is actually one of the biggest stumbling blocks for new distributors. Secondly most newbie’s will quit within 90 days if they don’t make any cash. Obviously this isn’t going to help your team grow. But fear not, using some simple strategies and a system, you can solve both of these problems in your business quickly. Many of the top distributors are today using the internet to grow their business and creating ridiculous in the process. If you were receiving thirty or more leads each and every day into your business, would that be good for your home business? About the Author: 相关的主题文章: