Robin Li now is the eve of the outbreak of artificial intelligence, get the future of AI plustek

Robin Li: now is the eve of the outbreak of artificial intelligence, the AI had to be in the future in 2016, more than ever before, artificial intelligence into the public view and daily life. Technical change Eve, people are also not worry: whether the technology innovation of artificial intelligence as the representative of the will in turn threaten the industrial development and employment? Development, the future of artificial intelligence recently, Baidu founder, chairman and CEO Robin Li, told the Beijing News exclusive written, expounds his views. Robin Li believes that technological change in all walks of life to bring a certain impact, but also promote the development of new opportunities and space for the development of the world, said. Looking back on every technological revolution in human history, it has greatly promoted the progress of social production and people’s lives, and created a large number of new jobs. The future of artificial intelligence will be BY Robin Li this is the intersection of a new and old technological revolution. This year is the 60 anniversary of the birth of artificial intelligence (AI). We are more intense than ever feel: the heat of a new round of technological revolution in artificial intelligence as the core is blowing. After 60 years of development, especially the past 10 years the accumulation of quantitative changes, artificial intelligence is in a qualitative change, may usher in a blowout type at any time on the eve of innovation. Baidu’s future is also in artificial intelligence is also this year, more than ever before, artificial intelligence into the public eye, and gradually affect people’s daily lives. After the PC era and mobile era, the Chinese Internet is opening the next scene led by artificial intelligence. China’s economy, all walks of life, is also boarded by the artificial intelligence of the express, heading for a future will be re written. Next, whether it is a mature enterprise with a large scale, or a start-up company is still under exploration, if you want to grasp the opportunity to develop in the future, it is necessary to actively embrace artificial intelligence technology. This is also a critical height of China’s economic future intersection. Chinese economy has entered a "new normal" has been generally stable, but downward pressure is still in the GDP to achieve the expected goals of 6.7% before the three quarter, but to support economic growth in the "three carriages", including real estate investment, investment in fixed assets, still occupied the highest proportion. The future depends on the continuation of such growth model, it will only further exacerbate the structural problems of China’s economy. China’s traditional industries, China’s emerging industries, need to improve operational efficiency through new technologies, innovation and development model. This is an irreversible trend. Now the national level "Internet plus", double, new economy, respected is leveraging new technologies on the new format has changed the traditional industries, which is aimed at the situation of Internet technology innovation to promote economic growth. At the same time, we are also in the critical period of the new and old kinetic energy conversion, its important feature is that many of the traditional industry overcapacity, employment to accommodate the smaller, but the Internet economy is still booming new formats. Visible, so that technological change driven by China’s new economy has become the main source of growth, it is possible to achieve smooth growth engine switch. Artificial intelligence as the core of this round of technological revolution and change, but also the next step in the development of China’s Internet kinetic energy. The Internet has two important.相关的主题文章: