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Russia joint maritime – 2016 "military exercises in Russia participating equipment list – Military – according to the annual plan, Russia joint maritime – 2016" military exercises in Guangdong on 12 Zhanjiang kicked off. Russian troops participating in the exercise, including anti submarine, landing ships, tugs, oil tankers and other 5 ships, 2 helicopters, and 96 Marines and amphibious armored equipment. The 2 ship anti submarine appeared in the "Terry boots admiral" and "admiral Vinogradov", belong to the Russian Navy type 1155 large anti submarine ship, the ship directly called the Udaloy class destroyer of NATO to ship intrepid. In the former Soviet Navy and now the Russian navy, this level of ships is an independent plant, which is a large anti submarine ship. This type of standard displacement of 6930 tons of ships, full load displacement of 7570 tons, a total length of 163.5 meters, width of 19.3 meters, draft of 7.79 meters, the maximum speed of up to 35. The power plant is 4 steam turbines with a total power of 120 thousand hp. This type of ship to offshore operations as the main duties, through anti submarine missiles and other weapons to provide security for the anti submarine fleet. The South China Sea between China and Russia to participate in the exercise of "admiral Terry boots" was launched in 1983, serving in 1985; "Calvino admiral Gradov" launched in 1987, 1988. Two ships have participated in joint military exercises between China and russia. 1 landing ships "Per Les Waite" landing ship standard displacement of 2200 tons, with a displacement of 4080 tons, designed for landing and design. In 2015, "Per Les Waite" and the Chinese landing ship Changbai Mountain ship, the ship participated in Yunwu Mountain, in the range Kelieerka angle at the famous Russian Russia joint maritime – 2015 (II) "joint military exercises on the stereo. 1 tugs "alatao" sea tug with a displacement of 3010 tons, a total length of 92.7 meters, 15.4 meters wide, 5.9 meters draft, making the number of 89 people. 1 oil tanker "Pechenga" vessel with a displacement of 6543 tons, a total length of 130.08 meters, 20 meters wide, 7.2 meters draft, making the number of 63 people. 2 helicopter active Russian submarine helicopter, the maximum speed of 270 kilometers, 11.5 meters long, 5.4 meters high folding state machine, with a wingspan of 5.4 meters. Amphibious armored vehicle active Russian main battle amphibious armored vehicle, the engine power of 1430 horsepower, maximum speed of 5 knots at sea, weight 15.9 tons, 4 crew. (Wang Jingguo, Mei Changwei) (Intern:   commissioning editor Wang Lujia, Cao Kun)相关的主题文章: