Samsung deep fried tens of billions of dollars worth of South Korea’s economy scared (video) beself

Samsung deep fried tens of billions of dollars in the market value of the Korean economy by the shock of the explosion Note7 door event Samsung Corp shares since September 2nd, after the recall of the statement two weeks stumble endlessly". September 12th is the opening flash collapse, closing down nearly 7%, the largest decline since 2012. Samsung Note7 global recall incident undoubtedly to the current market share of Samsung is to restore a punch, but also the impact to the original recovery performance. Although Samsung is rare in the industry "Almighty" players, in the processor, the image sensor, the core components of mobile phone screen layout, are in the leading position in the industry, but many analysts still expressed concern about the future of Samsung, because intelligent mobile phone and other IT equipment business is the main force of Samsung profit. They believe that the impact of the explosion door to Samsung caused far more than economic losses so simple, Samsung’s brand value also suffered heavy losses. And this damage is long-term, and may even affect the sale of next year’s Galaxy S8. Note7 Samsung has suffered heavy losses, Samsung is the eyes of the Korean people "the best in all the land", it props up South Korea GDP 1/5, 50 million Korean dream technology sustenance. Reuters has reported that Samsung chairman Li Jianxi a cough, the whole South Korea will be cold". However, this Mid Autumn Festival holiday should be the peak season for the Korean mobile communications market, but this year is quite depressed. According to the Korea communications industry sources, to stop the supply of Note7 products from September 10th to 31 in the last month, the number of mobile communication service company accepted (the number is set to convert new mobile phone communications company in Korea, the average daily number) of about 12 thousand, a decrease of 33%. Samsung Corp announced on September 2nd, because of battery defects, the sale of Note7 mobile phone has been allowed to buy this mobile phone; consumers two weeks after the replacement of a new mobile phone; and the recall of the United States and South Korea, Australia and other 10 countries and regions of the 2 million 500 thousand Note 7 mobile phone in the calculation of the cost of recall, some analysts believe that the Samsung Corp may therefore, the loss of nearly $5 billion (about 33 billion 400 million yuan) income. In the capital market, the 9 day (Friday) and 12 day (Monday) two, Samsung Electronics shares have fallen 11% from the value of $22 billion (about 147 billion yuan), a record low of two months since the 13 day, stock prices have rebounded slightly. Samsung Note7 battery supplier SDI shares also fell 6%, the biggest decline in a single day in the past 5 months. In contrast, Apple’s share price after the end of the iPhone7 conference two fell, rose more than 2% in September 12th, the biggest one-day gain since more than 6 weeks. Samsung also missed the release of the window period due to the recall, the sniper Apple’s new machine plan has fallen. South Korean public opinion, Samsung event may therefore suffer greater losses, and the true scale of losses in the fourth quarter of next year, or need to see the outcome. Samsung brand will be hit by the Samsung Group in South Korea is no one and the giant, in addition to the electronics industry, but also the layout of the car, shopping, theme parks, transportation.相关的主题文章: