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Pregnancy Say Yes to Abortion Why abort? This is the question that will be answered here but not with the pretense of finality. The arguments against abortion shall be briefly refuted here. Counter-arguments below rest on the presupposition that the world of man is a simple but real world he must focus upon to create meaning and truth; and that universal statements are but simply relative terms intensified by mans perception. Life is not given, it is created Because goodness or evilness of human action is in question, it is better to talk about responsibility. Man is the only one responsible for things he possesses. The conception of human organism does not need a mystical ingredient to call it properly human. The creation of human life as given by a higher power other than the sexual power in man is superfluous. The idea of life as divine gift is merely a projection, a defense mechanism used by humans to give meaning towards his mortal world. Responsibility for the creation of life is simply humanotherwise that divine being would be very gracious to let a woman be raped in order to give life. Abortion is not killing a person Those who are against abortion define it as killing of a fetus inside the womb. Killing is the catchword because the fetus is said to be already a person and any violation against a person is unethical and a crime. The fetus is considered to be a person because it has the potentiality to be.e a person like the adult. This contention is due to the excessive teleologyi.e. an inductive reasoning that because most fetuses became adults in the past, probably the same is the case with a certain fetusadvocated by most religious people. This is not merely a show of apathy but a question purely of feelings. The reason why excessive teleology is bad can be answered in the following section. Fetus being a person is not the primary question Excessive teleology is bad because it diverts us to the primary ethical question. The one faced with an ethical decision is the woman carrying the embryo or the fetus. (The embryo a fetus after the third month from fertilization.) As far as modern man is concerned, the situation wherein the agent is circumscribed must be assessed first before calling the womans act ethical or not. The universality of an act, e.g. killing, is not really categorical but conditionalgood and evil acts are simply sorted. Now, the situation of the woman must be the basis for calling her act of abortion evil or unethical. Abortion law must be based upon some criteria The government must be responsible for the legality and ethicality of an act of abortion. A law that guarantees abortion must consider the following: (1)The cause of pregnancy. If the woman was raped, then she has the right to abort. (2)Civil and psychological status of the woman. In case of teenage pregnancy, (which is .monly unwanted and which is secretly known by using a device such as elisa test kits bought from the local store) the girls and her familys decision must prove that she is not yet ready for the situation. (3)These and other valid reasons such as the life of the mother is at stake must be considered. It is but proper to review our thoughts regarding this delicate ethical issue. Better we should ask why we think our opinions and belief is worthy of belief. About the Author: Lacey Cormier, a silent but highly focused kind of gal. She’s a 20 year-old working student who studies nursing at night and works part-time on a pharmacy during the day. She likes helping customers and referring items like elisa kits, a new and effective generic drugs and food supplements. She lives in New York. Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: