Second quarter global wearable device shipments increased by 26% Apple watch dropped by up to 57% lata-01

The second quarter of the global wearable device shipments increased 26% year-on-year drop of 57% Apple watch Tencent Francisco, according to foreign media reports, market research firm IDC Tuesday released the second quarter of the global wearable device market tracking report. The report shows, although apple Apple Watch shipments fell sharply, but with a new wearable device usage scenarios, the second quarter of the overall market for wearable devices shipments reached 22 million 500 thousand, an increase of 26.1%. Fitness is the most common use of wearable devices, IDC mobile devices to track target what senior research analyst at · Wubulani (Jitesh Ubrani) said, "but, wearable device market development. We began to see the use of consumer communications, mobile payment and other new features, companies are also optimistic about the potential of wearable devices to improve productivity." Although the overall wearable market to achieve growth, but the development of two sub categories are very different. The entry-level wearable devices (wearable devices do not support the third party application) second quarter shipments grew 48.8%, while the smart wearable devices (wearable devices support the third party application) shipments fell 27.2%. IDC wearable devices research manager Ramon · Lamartine (Ramon Llamas) said: "the entry-level health bracelet, including most wearable devices due to the clear purpose, low price and many choices and win more market share, occupy the second quarter shipments of wearable devices and 82.8%. For more manufacturers to enter this field. However, there is a serious problem with such devices, that is, most of the products are in the cottage other manufacturers products, can not stand out in many products. At the same time, smart wearable devices are still struggling to identify market positioning, although they aroused the interests of consumers, but has not yet become a necessity. The good news is that smart wearable device is still in its infancy, is gradually improving." Fitbit continues to dominate the wearable device market, it has become synonymous with fitness bracelet. Fitbit second quarter wearable device shipments of 5 million 700 thousand, representing an increase of 4 million 400 thousand over the same period last year, the market share of 25.4%, compared with the same period last year, an increase of 0.5 percentage points of 24.9%. Millet ranked second in the second quarter, wearable device shipments of 3 million 100 thousand, an increase of 2.5%, the market share of 14%, compared with the same period last year, a decrease of 3.2 percentage points. Millet bracelet is still hot in China, the new millet Bracelet 2 added heart rate tracking and other functions, the price is still maintained at $20 or less. However, the challenge facing millet is how to expand the market outside China, boarded the global stage. Apple is the only one in the second quarter suffered a major decline in shipments of wearable devices, mainly due to the company did not debut on the first anniversary of the launch of the new AppleWatch listed. The second quarter is the first full quarter after the sports version of the AppleWatch price cut, how much相关的主题文章: