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Web-Design It doesnt matter how aesthetically appealing your website is, how much time or money you spent on having it designed or how relevant your content is to your keywords, if you dont use the principles of SEO web design in its creation its unlikely you will have many people stopping by to visit. Search engine optimized web design is critical to the success of your business. Without it, your site doesnt show up in the search engine results and no one knows your site exists. First steps toward SEO web design should include a good knowledge of the keywords your visitors will use to find your site and making sure those words appear on your pages. Relevance is a key component in SEO web design. Your website topic should be relevant to your keywords and vice versa. Your images should be relevant to the topic of the site; in fact, every element on your page should be relevant to the topic of the site. Not only should the topic be relevant, your content on each page should be relevant and targeted for specific keywords. This technique, more than most others, is what drives your website to the top of the search engine results where its seen by the most number of people possible. The more relevance you have in all the elements on your site, the better the spiders are able to correctly identify the topic. The easier it is for them to identify your website topic, the more your website will show up in the search results when your keywords are searched for. The effect this has on your business should be clearly apparent. The more youve used SEO web design in the creation of your site is directly proportional to the number of times potential visitors are exposed to it. This means increased traffic and a corresponding increase in your business. For more details go to An Art and a Science Theres a fine line to be walked when using SEO web design as it needs to appeal to the spiders that will provide the information to get your site ranked in search engine results. But it also needs to equally appeal to your human visitor. This means easy navigation, eye-pleasing colors and graphics and no annoying distractions like blinking ads and banners or blindingly bright colors. Most importantly though, to please your human visitors, you need quality original content that provides them the information they were seeking when they clicked on your link. Your efforts will be rewarded when you apply the proper techniques in website designing, from the use of Meta tags to page titles to quality content with targeted keywords. SEO web design is used by all truly successful website owners. For more details go to .instant-squeeze-page-mastery.. its a crucial element to your online business success. You can incorporate the techniques into your sites on your own, but only if youre clear on whats needed and have the ability to do it. If not, youre much better off hiring an SEO expert to do it for you. Its that important to your business success. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: