Shandong has a college student suspected of telecommunications fraud after the death of the grieving

Shandong has a college student suspected of telecommunications fraud after the death of the grieving parents from Linshu county hospital sophomore Song Zhenning 18 year old Linyi girl Xu Yuyu shiguweihan, at the early morning of August 23rd, from Linshu County sophomore Song Zhenning also suffered telecommunications fraud after cardiac arrest and died! Relatives said that the student received a phone call before death, and cheated to varying amounts of cash, his parents were admitted to hospital because of grief. In August 18th, Linshu county student Song Zhenning received a strange phone call from Ji’nan Public Security Bureau, the other said he was on the phone, and Song Zhenning said his bank card was overdrawn sixty thousand yuan to buy jewelry. "In the beginning, the child was a little sceptical, but the other said Zhenning’s bank card and identity information." Relatives of the victims song introduced. Who do not know, when the liar and Song Zhenning in the end what to say, and how he went to the bank to turn the money. The specific process, we do not understand, the child died, and now has no way to verify. The child went to the bank, to the other 2000 yuan. The other is to let the children put the ticket off, but the child did not tear." On his way home, Song Zhenning met his relatives and talked about it. Relatives said he was cheated, Song Zhenning realized that he was on when, I was so clever people cheated." Song Zhenning a little annoyed, he and his relatives to the police station, the specific alarm situation is only Song Zhenning know. August 22nd, the strange phone contact Song Zhenning again to its repayment". According to the teacher and classmates Song Zhenning, Song Zhenning on the same day, because I do not know what their own living expenses and home in cash in the bank card, bank card money found in the afternoon Song Zhenning (the amount is not clear) are gone. We regret him at dinner with my parents said they cheated, if the parents blame is cheated more than 2 thousand, his father comforted him nothing without money we can earn not too sad. The thought that things like this in the past, Song Zhenning second days to return to Shandong science and technology school, filial piety he also online to his mother bought new shoes, but also to his father bought a new dress. However, the tragedy happened. On August 23rd, the day before dawn, Song Zhenning and his family saw him sleeping on the sofa motionless, but found that the song took a closer look at Zhenning has stopped breathing. According to Mr. Song, the doctor diagnosed, Song Zhenning died because of cardiac arrest. Her parents cannot accept this blow, father because too sad to become trance at home often fainted, mother too sad, was admitted to the Fourth People’s Hospital of Linyi city. "She is now a neurotic, said the heart to dig, the child took her heart, and she has no heart."…… Lost the only child, only hope to catch the murderer "a few years ago, we also see the Luozhuang girl Xu Yuyu because Telecom fraud cheated money multiple stagnation in the heart suddenly left the world news, regret the heart and not feeling little girls too shallow to unexpected calamity befell, but think this kind of thing could happen in your side the victim was three years, and his high school classmate Song Zhenning." One of Song Zhenning’s classmates told the reporter about the story. In the eyes of the students and teachers.相关的主题文章: