Shanghai asked the driver about the vehicle must be registered in Shanghai Shenzhen residence permit

Shanghai asked the network about the car drivers to Shanghai Shenzhen can hold a residence permit original title: Shanghai Shanghai drivers are required to hold a residence permit in Shenzhen yesterday, the first day of work after the holiday, National Day in addition to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other first-tier cities also announced a network of local rules about car draft. Similar to Beijing, three of the network about the vehicle, the driver and the platform set a strict threshold. JINGWAH Times reporter Sha Xueliang Hao Shaoying Wang Jing intern reporter Chen Yujing to limit in the vehicle requirements of the vehicle, "Shanghai city network booking taxi business service management regulations (Draft)", in the net about the vehicle to a Shanghai license plate, the wheelbase to reach 2700 mm or more, the new energy vehicle wheelbase to reach 2650 mm. The "Interim Measures of Guangzhou Municipality for the network booking taxi business service management (Draft)" did not put forward the requirements of vehicle wheelbase, but a clear need for 7 seat and the following car, and puts forward requirements for automobile emissions, such as size, such as automobile emissions should not be less than 2 liter turbocharged engine, vehicle capacity not less than 1.75L and power is not less than 110 kilowatts; body length more than 4.60 meters, the width of the body is more than 1.70 meters, the height of the body more than 1.42 meters. Guangzhou also requested that the vehicle must be within one year of the new car on the card; if the introduction of network application about transportation card within 180 days of the rules, the age of the vehicle can be extended to 2 years; the turbocharged engine vehicle emission can not less than 1550 ml and the engine power is not less than 108 kilowatts. Shenzhen network booking taxi service management Interim Measures (Draft) requirements, the network about 5 vehicles to be more than 7 passenger cars, and is within two years of new cars, etc.. Shanghai requires the driver of the city’s household registration in the driver’s condition, Shanghai requires the network about the driver needs to have the city’s household registration, and obtain a driver’s license in the city. Guangzhou requires the driver of the car about 60 years of age, the age of women under the age of 55, there is a junior high school education level, physical health, and need to obtain a driver’s license in Guangzhou. Shenzhen, net about car drivers need to have city residence or hold a valid "residence permit" the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, more than 3 years of driving experience. In addition, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, three places on the driver’s driving safety records and law-abiding records made the request. In the driver’s requirements, the impact of the largest household registration. At present, the network of Shanghai about the car driver is a lot of foreign car license plate is open to foreign nationals. The platform should bear the carrier responsibility network about the vehicle platform, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen are required to assume about the network about the vehicle platform carrier responsibility, to ensure operational safety, protect the legitimate rights and interests of passengers. Shanghai, the non registered online car platform enterprise as a legal person shall set up branches in the city; in the city have to adapt with the registration number of vehicles and drivers has offices and service outlets and personnel management; industry management platform of network service platform for data access traffic administrative supervision; insurance liability insurance carrier. Guangzhou network about the new requirements of the car, engaged in the network about the car business, should be 2相关的主题文章: