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Software If you are the person who is responsible for keeping track of all of the data in your .pany, then you have a responsibility to make sure that it is free from viruses, up to date and that a recoverable backup is always in place. Although you may have some sort of backup software in place, you might also want to consider some of the new drive image software packages that are available. In many ways, drive image software is handier to have, in that if something happens to your data, you can recover everything at one time, including all of your applications. For .panies that have multiple users with applications, individualized preferences and user settings on each .puter, then this is far preferable to a basic backup program that just backs up documents. In fact, one of the most overlooked aspects of backing up any network is what happens if you have to reboot all of the software. Anyone can recover documents fairly easily if you have a backup program, but if you don’t have drive image software installed, you may find that getting everyone’s software back up and running is a lot more time consuming than you would have thought. The good news is that even though this type of software is powerful enough to absolutely save your .pany in a disaster, it doesn’t cost a lot. You can buy a software package to back up your drive and create a constantly changing image of your network for an extremely low price, and .pared to the price of what it would take to recreate all of that information on your own, it is certainly a bargain. It goes without saying that if it is your responsibility to keep an eye on the data, then you need to make sure you have this software in place. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: