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Slow the employment of graduates of golden week together global library   education map of China soon has opened All seats are occupied. photography Liu Xu golden week ended yesterday, Beijing many popular attractions of people began to fade. Near the security research, postgraduate season, and the National Library of colleges and universities in the study "army" people and major scenic spots be roughly the same. BYD reporter learned that the National Library holiday open yesterday opened in less than 1 hours, the memory system is almost full package Museum, near the National University Students in the "root". Similarly, also in the National People’s Congress and All seats are occupied. Beijing Normal University, University study room, a small "slow employment" 90 "new faces from global Museum". At 9:30 yesterday morning, BMC reporter came to the National Library Subway Station, a station is found, a lot of tourists with their children to "crowd" in figure, take a photo in the antique map of the country north of the old door. A road to the north to new direction, and carrying a bag of College Students’ self-study "force" in a hurry to depart. Just opened less than 1 hours, the library package system near the full site hundreds of lockers "full screen", and the nearby university students to come to save the package, then check into the library. The library staff told reporters, compared with the amount of golden week Guotu reception weekdays and weekends, not fall. There are postgraduate entrance examination, there are people who come to read, as well as a small number of visitors come and go for a short stay, these days the door security checks are maintained at around 10 people, in order to ensure that the queue is not blocked." The map of China into the North Hall, the glass window in the reading room in a quiet glass window in the hall; but People are hurrying to and fro. The 23 year old Zhang Yue is an English major from Beijing University graduates, her summer vacation in Weigongcun rented a house near, become a postgraduate group. Our National Day holiday, is not false. Look outside the library is fairly quiet huge crowds of people." Another of her classmates are ready for the Northern Polytechnic Festival security research interview boy Wang Tongxue. "The PubMed and people here have a lot of time is very tight, we have more libraries in learning english." In view of the festival many colleges and universities research interview will be conducted before the 2017 graduate student examination only 2 months, the reporter yesterday visited the National People’s Congress, Beijing Normal University, the University Library and study room, also found that All seats are occupied. BYD reporter learned that the 2017 national graduate entrance examination online registration time has ended. In recent years, the heat of postgraduate entrance examination last year, the number of candidates hit a record peak, reaching 1 million 770 thousand. In the graduate student, in addition to graduating students, there is no lack of "three war" "four" suspension of employment candidates, and the number has increased compared to previous years. In contrast with previous years, the library self-study, in addition to the huge army of graduate entrance examination, there is a small branch of slow employment, 90 graduates. Yesterday, reporters also encounter on the country chart to rub the self-study boys Kobayashi, July has been out of college, is in the study stage, usually the boy went to Qinghua University lectures, holidays occasionally go to the library to read books, go to work near the shop, but)相关的主题文章: