Smart watch market growth slowed down to 33.5% of Apple’s share continues to lead

Apple smart watch market growth with 33.5% share continues to lead the Tencent Francisco, according to foreign media reports, market research firm Kantar data show that although the smart watch market growth began to decline, but Apple still maintained their leading position in the field. It is worth noting that the data from the sales in July of this year, while many users have begun to wait and see soon after the listing of Apple Watch 2. Data show that, Apple Watch won 33.5% of the smart watch market share, compared with a slight decrease in the second quarter. In Europe’s four largest market, Apple Watch share of $31.8%. Apple Watch 2, although it did not change in appearance, but equipped with GPS, waterproof and other features of its attractive growth, so Kantar believes that this generation of Apple watches will become the target of many users. In addition, because Apple uses the two generation Apple Watch sales strategy, and therefore lower prices will attract a large number of users to see early adopters. Finally, Kantar believes that traditional watch brand pressure will gradually increase, because the Apple Watch in the price and they have a lot of coincidence, but it does not conflict with the ordinary watch, will become the user second tables is preferred. Data show that 5-7 months of this year, 20% of the smart watch buyers are from the traditional brand there defected to, and this number is higher in Europe, reaching 30%. Although the smart watch is still unable to shake the table altar veteran status, but for they have started to change, Fossil, Mondaine and other traditional TAG Heuer brands have launched their own smart watch. (compile sharp) Tencent known institutions account opening technology! Do you dare to flop, I dare to answer in the know you.相关的主题文章: