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Smooth or not   1600 yuan in the mobile phone can meet you, communication channel — original title: smooth or not 1600 yuan in the mobile phone mobile phone can meet you for this one for one year belongings, I personally think that it is not necessary to spend four thousand or five thousand to buy so good (except the nouveau riche however, the mobile phone) five thousand yuan in costs will not really is five times the one thousand yuan mobile phone, which includes brand premium, celebrity endorsements, the dealer channel on the spending of consumers need to bear. So, if we take 1600 yuan to buy a cell phone, in the end can not buy a good and reliable phone it, may wish to look at the next. Smooth or not 1600 yuan in the mobile phone can meet your TCL 750 mobile phone mobile phone now early I have always felt the lack of aesthetic feeling, this is because of what? Because there is no fresh wind, life needs a little fresh, wearing the need for small fresh, while the phone is more need for small fresh style. Until TCL750 first came before us. Early TCL 750 2.5D Corelle double curved glass, collocation of zirconia ceramic sand blasting process in metal box, with a full glass metal body, the thickness of only 6.95mm, integrated Zero back raised the camera and color temperature of the flash, with pale blue, joacim and Dailan three colors. Battery capacity of 2800mAh, support 128GB MicroSD memory card expansion, support VoLTE HD call technology, dual sim dual standby and full netcom. TCL 750 first mobile phone camera, Samsung TCL 750 rear 16 million pixel ISOCELL sensor, equipped with F2.0 large aperture, the color temperature of the flash, while using the pixel isolation technology, inter pixel color crosstalk is reduced by 30%, more saturated colors, image more clear, TCL 750 using 5.2 inches 1080p screen, using Incell touch display integration technology, the screen is more show thin and transparent, also equipped with a Helio P10 eight core processor, built-in 3GB RAM+32GB ROM storage space. TCL 750 first mobile phone edit comment: as a transformation, we can see TCL 750 mobile phone to make a peep from small and beautiful models, from the actual visual experience to handle TCL 750 early mobile phone does do good, and from the UI experience to fluency and users care about the details of pictures and so on, TCL has made significant changes. TCL 750 TCL 750 mobile phone mobile phone peep peep (licensed) [product] the price of 1599 yuan (Meng Zhe, commissioning editor Yang Bo) original title: smooth or not 1600 yuan in the mobile phone can meet your   cool1 LETV shares the first paragraph cool cool teamed up to release new Cool1 is already landing, the mobile phone changed the previous cool style, no longer take the business route, LETV resources integration)相关的主题文章: