South Korea imported household electrical appliances 47% quality safety problems outstanding nlite

South Korea imported appliances 47% quality inspection unqualified safety problem of U.S. stock market center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes of Beijing daily news (reporter Jin   force) Samsung mobile phone explosion event has not yet subsided, the quality problem of Korean appliances into the overall crisis. The latest data from the Shandong entry-exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau shows, 9 months ago, Shandong Bureau of Korea home appliance products sampling 34 batches, 16 batches of unqualified, unqualified rate as high as 47.1%, quality and safety problems. It is understood that there are three main aspects of the quality of imported household electrical appliances in Korea: first, there are significant design flaws in the security structure. Part of the product is not qualified mechanical safety protection, normal operation or accident prone to mechanical damage and electric shock hazard. Two is a serious defect in the protection measures. Some products lack grounding measures, resulting in grounding is not coherent, easy to cause an electric shock accident. Three is the logo and the use of information is not standardized. The lack of China’s standard requirements of the logo, the use of information or the use of simplified Chinese, easy to make the wrong operation, resulting in undue harm. Experts said that the import and export of household electrical appliances product quality and safety issues highlighted the main reasons: first, some South Korean manufacturers do not sell counterfeit products in china. The manufacturer of small scale, technical ability, quality has not yet established a design and development, technical evaluation, self-control guarantee system, in order to maximize profits, the China crudely made. The two is the import of home appliances market chaos Korea highlights. With the South Korean home appliance products continue to improve in China’s market heat, some chaos gradually highlights. At present, the non normal trade channels to enter the Chinese market, home appliances mainly by carrying and mailing two ways. Because of the difficulty of supervision of the process of carrying and mailing the transaction, and the main responsibility for multinational rights difficult to identify, the quality of household electrical appliances imported through these channels is difficult to be guaranteed. If the first half of twentieth Century led by the Japanese home appliance and dominate the world, then entered in 1990s, South Korean home appliances to achieve a qualitative leap began to catch up with japan. In twenty-first Century, the Japanese home appliance gradually go down, South Korea and Chinese appliances began to rise. According to the Beijing Daily reporter, although the Korean Chinese appliances into the market is not too long time, but both in product development, brand building, supply chain management, or in the user experience and marketing level, Samsung, LG and other companies have relatively strong performance, once after the domestic household electrical appliance enterprises tremendous pressure. Industry observers said Hong Shibin, the Japanese home appliance in the China rout, the Korean home appliance has been synonymous with high-end products in china. And now with the frequent occurrence of Korean household electrical appliance safety problems, fear will hit its position in the domestic market. For domestic appliance manufacturers, this is a rare opportunity to overtake the curve. But domestic appliance manufacturers should also speed up industrial upgrading, which gradually abandoned the low-end price war means, to establish their own R & D system, the main push products, create competitive differentiation system, can eventually rise to the high-end and South Korean companies Samsung duel, Cong相关的主题文章: