Star in Miami coordinate the cultural melting pot and wild animal city tourism Sohu

Star in Miami: coordinate the cultural melting pot and crazy animal city – Miami has the one and only mixed Sohu tourism in ethnic and cultural groups, as well as exotic sounds and tastes. Here, people in accordance with their own way of life, and the city is a melting pot, all rivers run into sea we live in peace. In Miami, have been to the Jungle Island (Jungle Island) there will be a kind of who is the master of the earth doubt, this time we went to Miami. Immigration culture and Little Havana > > due to the American southeast corner of Miami and Cuba is simply a narrow strip of water. In twentieth Century, a wave of Cubans from the United States, including a variety of ways to land from here. Because of this, the Cuban and Spanish culture has almost become the mainstream of Miami, the refugees and the original identity of Cuban immigrants in this period of decades has gradually become one of American society, some of them have become lawyers, doctors, business owners, a typical representative of Little Havana is a cultural community. In addition to Cuban immigrants, the influence of immigration in Haiti has gradually expanded, in the city has also formed a second only to Little Havana outside the small Haiti block. > > no matter what the hotel or restaurant in the city, a "Hola" (Spanish "hello") can bring you closer to the locals. Yes, more than half of the residents here are native speakers of spanish. Rumor has it that you can’t hear an English word in Little Havana for almost a whole day. The main channel of Little Havana – Eighth Street (Calle Ocho) with Latin restaurants and cafes, people here sipping coffee, Domino playing dominoes, or all day talking about politics. Craftsmen still hand rolled cigars, still own the traditional linen shirt tailor, the air was full of salsa and Merengue music. > > since coming to Little Havana, Cuban cuisine must not be missed. The main course will be a combination of sweet and mint flavor, but the dessert and coffee that can really be "sweet and sweet" to describe, it seems sugar is free here. Try the tarts (Flan), three (Tres Leches) and milk cake is a typical Cuban Pastelito meringue pie, you can choose wrapped in thick cheese or guava inside, or both with. The coffee is a coffee, high sugar content with long time small simmer, whether with milk or Olay, the taste is very authentic, very light to produce the illusion of being in the streets of Havana. Ocean Boulevard Art Deco > > "you see all this does not exist in the original," came to Miami South Beach famous Ocean Avenue (Ocean Drive), architect Medina pointed out at the prosperity and said, "here is a swamp and originally arid sandy a fishing village, these low bushes only Miami is the only south beach vegetation, lizard crawling, poor population." I looked around, the broad palm leaves in the wind to fly s相关的主题文章: