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Team-Building A team needs some time to understand each other; they need to get a chance to know each other before they get together on business grounds. The team needs to be .fortable with each other before one expects them to give in positive results. When people enjoy their work and feel .fortable in the work environment, the positive vibes can be easily reflected in the work environment easily; thus the out.e of high performance is achieved. Team building exercises and corporate events, hence act as a critical .ponent in developing high performance teams. In the start of the corporate events, you can do something that relieves the team from the awkwardness that they can face when the team is new. Initially, when the team is getting started in the corporate events, it is important you keep the group size to be small so that they can connect themselves better. You can have corporate games like three favorite things like movies, books, where everyone lists out their favorites and with this the teammates can also assess the taste of each other. Further, as an employer can also assess the similarities and the differences in the team mates. This game can expand into discussions and it is important that the team members find .mon grounds. You can start with small groups but then remember your focused areas of bringing work teams to improve their effectiveness. Another good idea is that you can ask every team mate to either write a sequence of questions: like what motivated them to join this work and now what is the most enjoyable aspect in the office. These questions may be easy for the people who enjoy their work, and for people who do not enjoy much they may struggle to answer and then it is important to analyze what is wrong and arrive at appropriate solutions. It is important that the start up games in the corporate events should be stress relieving also, because people as it is go with tension to work. So, include fun activities that take people away from stress. You can ask them to cook up stories .prising humor, crime and horror; believe me the out.e of these games is so different and humorous that you can expect loads of fun. Encourage, the team to converse .fortably. Some of the challenging games that can be included in corporate events are egg drop, toe-to-toe and many more. Egg drop is a team event which includes three to six people wherein the team members have to prevent the egg from following from the height of 7ft. The things that would be required for this game are egg, straws, a very small cloth and some materials that will help the team to prevent breaking after the free fall. Toe-to-toe is a challenging two person where the participants are asked to sit by touching the toes of each other and holding their hands and the task is that they need to stand by touching each others toes as well as holding their hands. You can even make it more challenging by increasing the size of the team. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: