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The State Council is responsible for local government debt: the central principle does not rescue the Beijing News (reporter Sha Lu) recently, the State Council issued the "local government debt risk emergency plan" (hereinafter referred to as the "plan"), called for the strengthening of the government debt risk control, the establishment of early warning and response mechanism of the local government level. The risk event of debt is divided into four grades, graded response and emergency disposal, if necessary, according to the law of local government finance the implementation of the reorganization plan. The "plan" the applicable scope includes two categories, one category is included in the quota management of local government debt, including the stock of government debt of local government bonds and government bonds has not been replaced; the other is to clean up the stock screening identified contingent liabilities, including the government bears responsibility for the debt guarantee and relief may bear some responsibility debt. The "plan" in accordance with the regulations, property, government debt risk events influence scope and the degree of harm, divided into grade I, grade II (large) (Major), III (larger), IV (general) four grades. The main body of the monitoring is provincial, municipal and county governments. Economic Development Zone Administrative Committee and other government agencies at or above the county level government debt risk events, according to the administrative affiliation of the government is responsible for monitoring. In addition, the plan also established accountability mechanisms. If there are more than 4 local government debt risk event, the plan stipulates that the debt risk should be timely start accountability mechanisms. The Ministry of Finance official said, the implementation of risk prevention and control of local government debt, is conducive to improve the ability of local government dynamic monitoring, real-time early warning in advance, proper government debt risk event emergency reserve policy. However, the official also pointed out that the current local government debt has also brought some new problems, mainly is the solvency of local area in some areas has been weakened, debt rate exceeded the warning standard, illegal financing guarantee phenomenon, some government and social capital cooperation projects are not canonical, need attention. 1 – the focus of local government debt, "the central relief" "plan" requirements, the establishment of classification response mechanism. On the fourth, third level debt risk, mainly by the city and county governments based on their own resolve; for the second, I level debt risk, in addition to the above measures, the provincial government can apply for appropriate assistance according to the city and county governments. In addition, when the local government debt risk, the central government may be appropriate guidance. According to the "plan" the provisions of the local government debt to its borrowing bears the responsibility to repay, not to implement the principle of central relief. Plan also proposed that local government debt will be classified disposal. Ministry of Finance official said, to distinguish between different types of debt raised the principle of disposal, will achieve the creditors and debtors in accordance with the law to share the debt risk. According to this principle, the local government bonds, local government shall bear the responsibility to repay all the stock of government debt; non government bonds form, by the local government, enterprises and institutions and other creditors, the debtor agree, according to "classification of People’s Republic of China contract law" and other relevant provisions of article eighty-fourth. 2 local financial restructuring necessary subtract preparation "plan" is also proposed, if necessary, the implementation of local government in accordance with the law.相关的主题文章: