Stripping vaccine gate welcome new main state-owned assets Watson biological survival synnex

Stripping "vaccine gate" Watson biological welcome new main state-owned assets to survive hot column capital flows thousands of thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading client sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to guide your entries you earn take can make you my / reporter Qi Doudou, editor Qiu Jiang Watson biological "vaccine" the event was finally entered the final stage, the company ultimately chose "cleaning", will someone’s vaccine company split, to completely eliminate the negative influence of the "Shandong vaccine incident" brought to the listed company. Watson biological September 21st morning announcement, intends to sell 697 million yuan real Jie biological 85% stake, after the completion of this transaction will no longer hold its stake. Because the real Jie biological nearly two years of revenues of listed companies accounted for more than 60% of revenue, Watson biological the arm to survive it will cause damage to the company’s short-term business. However, the Yunnan state owned Platform Industry Investment Group intends to lend a helping hand, the controlling shareholder of the company, help Watson biological bigger and stronger new vaccines, monoclonal antibodies, blood products and other core business. "Shuaibaofu" remove the impact of the suspension after half a year, Watson biological in yesterday morning out of the sale of major assets to the draft report, as the "Shandong vaccine incident end. Announcement, the company intends to transfer Yuxi woyun real Jie biological 40% stake to Derun day clear transfer of real Jie biological 45% equity, in cash transactions, the transfer price of 697 million yuan in total, including Derun day clear pay 369 million yuan to pay 328 million yuan, Yuxi woyun. It is worth mentioning that, in addition to the original shareholders of Derun Tian Qing, chairman of another counterparty Yuxi woyun company Li Yunchun the actual control of the enterprise. After the completion of this transaction, the company will no longer hold real biological stake. Public information shows that the main business is the main biological Jie two vaccines and other biological products agents, storage, distribution and sales. In 2013, Watson biological biological real Jie 10 million yuan transferee 100% stake, becoming its controlling shareholder. In June 2015, Watson biological real Jie biological 15% equity transfer to Derun day clear. August, the overall change in the real biological Limited by Share Ltd, and in December 17th listed three new board. Since then, the vaccine incident, real Jie biological in July this year from the new three board delisting. Watson had biological equity capital in the form of a wholly owned subsidiary of the Chongqing times, Ningbo and Saint Puno Ning (Putian) transfer to real Jie, which is thus completed the integration of Watson biological vaccines and other biological products under the sales channels, the initial formation of most domestic large cross regional specialization of vaccines and other biological products sales channel platform. According to the draft sale, to March 31, 2016 as the base date, Jie Jie biological full account of the interests of all shareholders of 725 million yuan, the assessed value of $820 million, added value of 95 million 473 thousand and 700 yuan, the appreciation rate of 13.18%. The company explained that the evaluation of the Department of real estate and its subsidiaries are expected to be carried out in the next year to promote the vaccine, access to the vaccine to promote revenue profit model. According to management’s expectations, this assessment assumes that the real biology in 20相关的主题文章: