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Business Every profession has different demands when it comes to writing styles. Lawyers are expected to write in a certain way, journalists are expected to write in a different way, and research scientists must write in yet another different way. The same holds true for private investigators. Investigators are expected to use a writing style in their client reports that best serves the needs of their clients, and is appropriate for the nature of the investigators services. Here is a brief summary of some of those private investigator style basics. Clarity and Accuracy are Paramount Your client is looking to you for help obtaining certain information. They’re not looking for a story or a narrative; they’re looking for facts. It’s therefore essential that your writing style is always clear and accurate. Avoid the temptation to embellish any language in your client report with unnecessary commentary or humor, and don’t speculate as to anything that you were not able to directly observe or uncover by your research. Consistency is Important Even relatively minor inconsistencies in your choice of language could undermine the clarity of your client report, and potentially cause the client to question its accuracy. Before sending any report to a client, proofread it to be sure that you are using names, pronouns and other identifying terms consistently throughout. Active Voice To some degree, a passive writing style could also undermine the client’s confidence in your work. Use language such as "the subject did X at 2:15pm" instead of "X was done by the subject at 2:15pm." You can easily avoid the cumulative negative effect of passive language in your document simply by practicing an active writing style. Citing and Documenting Your Internet Sources As you know, the Internet can be an invaluable source of information about your investigation subjects. Unfortunately, Internet postings are often less permanent than other sources of information. Your subject might make a relevant post to Facebook, but then delete that post soon thereafter. It’s therefore important that in addition to whatever clear citation you make to that post (which, at a minimum, should include the date and time you access to it, as well as the exact URL), you also take a screenshot and include that in your report. Deliberate and Consistent Note Taking In order to be able to prepare your client reports in an appropriate style and format, your underlying investigation notes must also be clear and understandable. You may need to revise your current system in order to find the technique for taking notes that best supports your report writing needs. Software that’s been designed specifically for private investigators can help you achieve these style goals. Not only is a full-featured word processor, but also supporting functions, like the ability to embed images and video into PDF documents, to help ensure that you’re delivering the highest quality product to your client. About the Author: Paul Beauchemin is the Founder of SherlockDocs, a report creation tool designed exclusively for Private Investigators. Learn how to transform mountains of images, video and written evidence into the report your client needs. To receive a free report "Definitive Guide to Report Writing for PI’s" and a 30 day free trial of SherlockDocs visit .sherlockdocs.. Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: