Sun Jianbo more and more entrepreneurs are suggesting that the bull market is overweight kairui

Sun Jianbo: more and more entrepreneurs that is being ushered in the bull market holdings of sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to tutor you say stocks contest 60 million out of the Milky Way chief strategist Sun Jianbo: what is the best way of investment in the next five years? Source: Sun Jianbo Galaxy Securities chief strategist mergers and acquisitions is becoming a mainstream mode of growth of listed companies, mergers and acquisitions investment may be the best way to invest in the next five years. Select the subject of listed companies mergers and acquisitions investment mainly depends on three aspects: 1, in the industry’s growth potential, and is suitable for acquisition growth; 2, outstanding entrepreneurs, not only has the merger strategy of growth, and the team has a strong executive power; 3, the market value of small and medium-sized enterprise valuation, such as about 5 billion. M & A investment and entrepreneur behavior complement each other, more and more entrepreneurs in foreign mergers and acquisitions at the same time large holdings of their own shares, this phenomenon indicates that the market is ushering in a bull market pattern. M & A is becoming a mainstream mode of growth of listed companies, the next five years, the bull market will accelerate the wave. The right time to choose the right industries and enterprises, and entrepreneurs grow together, M & A investment may be the best way to invest in the next five years. The key to do M & A investment is to choose the target of the listed company and provide the best service for the foreign mergers and acquisitions. Overseas mergers and acquisitions fund usually buy some favorite companies at the right time, after several years of restructuring and adjustment to sell. These include the restructuring and adjustment strategy of innovation, management changes, organizational restructuring, asset restructuring, mergers and acquisitions fund so need to have very strong ability to integrate industry. In China at this stage, the more realistic approach is to use the ability of listed companies to integrate the industry mergers and acquisitions, that is, investment in listed companies, and through the help of listed companies to mergers and acquisitions integration of the ideal project. We call it a merger or acquisition, or a merger. The capital market has emerged from the merger investment case, both the main overseas investment KKR, there are domestic, Hony paradise Silicon Valley, but unexpectedly, several follow up project finally are the major shareholders full subscription. This is a very important signal: more and more listed companies entrepreneurs, executives choose to increase their holdings of large stocks, this behavior occurs in the majority of foreign mergers and acquisitions at the same time. The last three years, A shares of listed companies to complete a total of more than 723 private placement, including large shareholders and executives involved in the cash has a total of 190, and the average proportion of participants to subscribe for up to 51%. Just a few years ago compared to the GEM board, investors and regulators worries about large shareholders, executives high cash, now the situation is Rainbow Night. An increasing number of entrepreneurs to increase their holdings of large stock market is expected to usher in a bull market. Two reasons to promote the bull market is taking shape, the third reason is still fermenting. Why do entrepreneurs choose to increase their holdings? There is no doubt that entrepreneurs first due to their confidence in the enterprise. Discuss the theory of a single entrepreneur to his business相关的主题文章: