Taiwan, a confused police arrested the thief stole the car for a moment to allow the suspect to leav zhongguorentiyishu

Taiwan police arrested a confused car thief inadvertently let suspects will be new November new network – in 1, according to the police left Taiwan’s ETTV cloud report, Taiwan County, Hualian County Police Bureau police on October 31st at 6 PM was reported, 1 surnamed Su after stealing a car stolen in sleeping. The police arrived at the scene to arrest the Soviet Union too handcuffed loaded back to the police station, the police do not pay attention to the Soviet Union too actually take advantage of the car away, 20 minutes after the police found that the Soviet Union too still escape. The police station police station police Fenglin Long bridge was reported, found 40 year old thief surnamed Su fell asleep in the stolen cars, as easy as blowing off dust will be arrested on Su handcuffed, back to the police interrogation, inadvertently let Su suspected leaving the police car, forgot to pull the car keys. When the Soviet Union took advantage of the 2 police do not pay attention, climbed from the back of the police car to the driver’s seat, the police car away. The car was stolen stakes, police immediately patrol intercept stalking, Su suspected on the accelerator to escape, the police found the car, the body has knocked dented paint, only tire rims, Su suspected already abandoned the vehicle and disappear without a trace. Police said there is a hardware store owner received a report, saying that there is a man for sawn handcuffs, the boss refused to alert after the man left, the boss quickly report. According to the police suspected of fleeing the direction of the Soviet Union, is chasing the line. Fenglin branch and County Police Bureau police brigade has formed a project team to comprehensive investigation, the police have confidence in the shortest time to make enough investigation and custody, relevant personnel shall be investigated for responsibility negligence.相关的主题文章: