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The Taiwan military exercises to simulate the attack from the mainland Cai Yingwen armed inspection (Figure) – Sohu Military Channel as Cai Yingwen on the morning of 25 to " the commander in chief " identity inspection eight Legion in Pingtung armed forces training base " Lian Yong – ". The picture is Cai Yingwen on the morning of 25 to " the commander in chief " identity inspection eight Legion in Pingtung armed forces training base " Lian Yong – ".   Taiwan region’s new leader Cai Yingwen took office, the cross-strait relations turn sharply. However, this year, the Taiwan military for the PLA "Han" exercise has a warming trend. According to Taiwan media reports, this year the "Han Kuang 32" exercise date from 22 on a 5 day offensive and defensive drills, simulation test, "the sudden attack of Taiwan", "Taiwan’s ability to defeat the enemy to defend the country", and Cai Yingwen for the first time today to "commander in chief" as a concept of play to the scene. According to Taiwan’s "free times" reported that the "Han Kuang 32" exercise simulation of the island of Taiwan, three important military and political stronghold were the people’s Liberation Army attack, the Taiwan military forces launched early transfer of preservation, joint sea and air volley, landing and anti landing operations and the final battle of the island town of different stages of exercise. The 25 day is the highlight of today will be around the Taiwan exercise, a number of live ammunition exercises, including Kinmen troops anti landing operations ("AlliedSignal performance"), the eight army in Pingtung with Paul Hall Beach joint landing and anti landing operations exercise ("Lianxing performance"), and in Pingtung Changlong farms and airborne anti airborne exercises ("cloud performance"). Cai Yingwen on the morning of 25 visited the eight Legion held in Pingtung armed forces joint training base Jenshou camp "Lian Yong performance" live fire exercises, this is her 520 after he took office, for the first time in "commander in chief" identity inspection military military exercises. This morning at about 9, Cai Yingwen wore a helmet, wearing camouflage vests, "heavily armed" arrived in the camp as the guide exercises, the Taiwan Army Eighth Army armored brigade of the 564 major general Huang Zhongshi responsible for briefing "Lian Yong" live performance "is the largest subjects Hankuang 32 exercises in the size of the site by the Taiwan Army Armored the troops, and the Apache Cobra helicopter gunships and air force F-16 fighters and other common implementation of the" space overall combat ", Jiyang class frigates are at sea with the present Taiwan overall armed force. The exercise began immediately after listening to Cai Yingwen in the briefing, the 564 brigade served as the main performance. The head of the army is a research and development of UAV UAV, the first battlefield reconnaissance search; next to the first attack by the two echelon, eight sorties air force F-16 aircraft and IDF aircraft, and cast the decoy simulation war to assist ground troops defending; the army AH-64E helicopter gunships circled with odd APA in fired 30 mm cannon, also launched the "Hydra" rocket barrage execution. Then at 9:30 or so, artillery and anti tank missile followed by fire cover. About 9:40, in front of Cai Yingwen to Taiwan, taiwan.相关的主题文章: