Takamadoka Madokakim is a young lady dressed in high ash borderland

My sister Takamadoka Madokakim is senior leaders in grey lead: Recently, the goddess Gao Yuanyuan wearing a grey coat + jeans + boots coming out of the airport, so simple and stylish collocation. Gao Yuanyuan recently, the goddess wearing gray coat + jeans + short boots appeared in the airport, so simple and stylish with the. Gray single product is a good thing in the fall and winter, there are a lot of people also like to wear gray, but you really wear it? Here we look at what the common method of wear! Street shot demonstration one: gray + gray in the first said it is because this law is now more fashionable ah. The same color outfit through layering effect but the leverage drops. Different gray collocation is not monotonous, the color of the outside of the light color, the color is deep inside the thin way. Street shot demonstration on the upper body wearing three shades of gray, alternating depth, there is a sense of hierarchy is not messy. Street model two: grey + white gray sweater with a sense of luxury, grey denim pants feet is beautiful to burst. White shoes give people the feeling of bright, clean, lively. Street show gray coat color is relatively shallow, and white with the whole feeling is still relatively bright and vibrant. Street demonstration white sweater + grey skirt a girl feeling, a gray Leggings layered and slender legs. Three: grey + black sweater is designed, black pants and white shoes collocation handsome and personality! Coupled with the feeling of a pair of sunglasses doubled. Street shoot demonstration four: gray + pink and pink is a classic mix Oh, gentle and elegant. The matching pink shirt with grey soft material wide leg pants, casual fan full. Street demonstration grey thin knitting collocation design sense of pink skirt, plus the slanting scarf way a little playful! Five: gray + blue wants to wear literary sense? So gray + blue is a good color. That routine grey coat + blue jeans + brown boots with it is simple but not mediocre, high degree of suction eye. Street demonstration short little gray waistcoat + blue jeans easily wear big legs, not only pay attention to the bag, looks very important, is the bag is grey and blue color and clothes is echoed. Street shoot demonstration six: ash + other color accessories if you feel a little monotonous body how to do? Some other color accessories, grey itself is very stable, with more flowers are not tacky accessories. The following color scarf has a good decorative effect. Street demonstration orange red scarf color and gray contrast increased relatively large aspect for the whole collocation, it can also show good looks. Street shot with a gray scarf, with dark contrast is also more impressive. Street beat demonstration相关的主题文章: