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Talk about a beautiful oriental garden China concept layout of ecological city circle hot column capital flows thousand thousand shares of stock on the latest rating diagnosis simulated trading client Sina App: Live on-line blogger to guide the purchase of new shares: the stock market is the most simple way to pick up the money in September 26, 2016 2016, five session of the two China mayor Association Council and "2016 Chinese the mayor forum" and "2016 China ASEAN Mayor Forum" held in Nanning in Guangxi. From the political, academic and business elite gathered, and the current economic situation and the city Chinese task, supply side reforms, city infrastructure construction investment and financing innovation, with the topic of ecological city and city design and architectural style, the twenty-first Century Maritime Silk Road linkcity construction hot discussion. This forum is jointly sponsored by the Oriental Garden Investment Holding Group and the Beijing smart women’s charity foundation. Oriental Garden Investment Holdings Group Chairman He Qiaonv was invited to attend the forum, on the construction of ecological city theme "keynote speech by city", and puts forward some constructive suggestions on city infrastructure construction and ecological environmental protection business innovation, the exchange and the scene leaders, experts and guests. The art of gardening passed down for thousands of years for the 100 city building 100 most beautiful park "26 years ago, I started on the campus of the Beijing Forestry University, remember in school, the teacher told us that China is the mother of gardens in the world, such as Suzhou Humble Administrator’s Garden garden every garden is famous, are very valuable, not only is a city of the baby, is destined to become the most beautiful of the city park." How clever woman of the early pioneering heart will be derived from this, her dream in the 100 city building 100 most beautiful parks, "art garden in 20 years, handed down for thousands of years" ideal. From the Beijing Olympic dragon shaped water source for thousands of years in the Grande Canale; from the Jinji Lake in Suzhou Jinji Lake guesthouse, to Jiangnan Shaoxing Jian Lake Golf Course; from the golf course Hainan Wanning Shenzhou Peninsula, and then to Jinzhong Xiaohe River Wetland Park; from Guangxi to Zhejiang Wuzhou Garden Expo Jinhua Jinyi new gold manhu. To Sichuan Chengdu Jianyang Ao Hill Park, Jilin Dongshan culture and sports park…… Oriental garden art design team, thousands of thousands of project execution team has always been to realize the "art garden with artistic taste and artisan spirit, handed down for thousands of years", agreed to establish 100 of the most beautiful parks in the city’s 100 goal. He said: "so far, the Oriental garden has been to the city, the construction of the park is basically the best modern park." Temporary cure required by 10 years to 200 rivers clear and beautiful 20 years of landscape planning, design and construction experience, make a beautiful park stands in the Chinese 100 the size of a city. But in the field research, Qiao Qiao but found a more urgent business needs. "We do have to park more and more beautiful, but the city’s River is becoming more and more dirty. 5 years ago, we began to study, why Europe and the United States to maintain the city’s water environment so good, so clean?" This is the hair相关的主题文章: