Talk about football Huanshuai premature attitude adjustment does not give a glimmer of hope –

Talk about football: Huanshuai premature   attitude adjustment does not give a glimmer of hope – Henan – Orangemen yesterday in Xi’an home court 0 than 1 defeat the Syria team after the 12 round of the 1 round of group phase flat 2 negative ranked second, so the performance of the outside world was criticized. Although the national football official micro-blog game night issued a document, thanks to the fans, and self encouragement "looked up, we continue to fight, the fans did not buy it again, find the foot administrative micro-blog more than three years ago that" sorry "Bowen ridicule guozu. However, the official website of the author FIFA "Syria war. The last laugh, hoping to rekindle", said the China team is under pressure to beat. In the face of the most promising group phase beat the Syria team, the Orangemen and even failed to create scoring opportunities, but is the defence with mistakes sent empty gift. After losing to the weakest opponents in the group, the country scored only 1 points in three games, and has fallen behind Iran and South Korea as much as 6 points. From the current point of view, national football team qualify the situation is not optimistic, and the other match, Iran team won 1 0 win over Uzbekistan, the latter product 6 points in group third. The game, the Orangemen will be away in Uzbekistan, if the country is not enough to score from Tashkent, qualifying prospects will be more slim. FIFA official website analysis, the three round of the game is a battle, brave victory over Syria in the home court Chinese re ignited, hope of qualifying group phase. Mahmoud scored the game? Ma gas only goal for the Syria team, the three division distinctions won in battle. The first two rounds, the two teams have won only a point, the first half after the goalless draw, Gao Hongbo’s team was defeated by the audience’s pressure, because the Chinese team is looking forward to a good start. "Can’t get three points, playing very hard, but the results can not be accepted," China Football Association executive committee Yu Hongchen believes that although the Orangemen are in trouble, but still strive to qualify, 11 this month, the football game challenge team Uzbekistan, need to take a good attitude adjustment in the short term, there are 7 games we still have to go all out, never give up. As long as there is a glimmer of hope, the whole team will try its best to strive for 100%." Yu Hongchen said that although the country’s three matches are flat and two negative, but it is too early to discuss Gao Hongbo’s class. (reporter Kang Xuesong) (commissioning editor Shang Mingzhen and Xin Jing) 足协:谈换帅为时尚早 调整心态不放弃一丝希望–河南分网–人民网    国足前天在西安主场0比1败给叙利亚队后,12强赛小组赛三轮1平2负排名倒数第二位,如此表现遭到外界口诛笔伐。虽然国足官方微博赛后连夜发文,感谢球迷,并自我鼓励称“抬起头,我们继续战斗”,球迷们却不买账,再次挖出国足官微三年多前的那篇“对不起”博文嘲讽国足。不过,国际足联官网撰文《叙利亚恶战之中笑到最后,希望重燃》,称中国队是被压力击败。    面对小组赛最有希望战胜的对手叙利亚队,国足全场甚至并未能创造出得分良机,反倒是后防配合失误送出空门大礼。在输给这个小组中最弱的对手后,国足三场比赛仅拿到1分,已经落后伊朗队、韩国队多达6分。从目前来看,国足小组出线形势很不乐观,而另一场比赛中,伊朗队客场1比0拿下乌兹别克斯坦,后者积6分占据小组第三。下轮比赛,国足将在客场挑战乌兹别克斯坦,如果国足不能从塔什干带回积分,出线前景将更加渺茫。    国际足联官网则分析称,本轮三场比赛都是恶战,勇敢的叙利亚战胜坐镇主场的中国,重新点燃了小组赛出线的希望。马哈茂德?马瓦斯攻入本场比赛唯一一粒进球,为叙利亚队全取三分立下了汗马功劳。前两轮,两队都只拿到一分,上半场互交白卷后,高洪波的球队明显被现场观众施加的压力所击败,因为中国队正在期待着开门红。    “没能取得三分,过程打得非常努力,但结果不能接受,”中国足协执委于洪臣认为,国足虽身处困境,但目标仍是力争出线,本月11日国足将客场挑战乌兹别克斯坦队,需要在短期内把心态调整好,“还有7场比赛,我们仍要全力以赴、永不放弃。只要有一线希望,整个团队都会尽100%的努力去争取。”于洪臣表示,尽管现在国足三场比赛是一平两负,但现在讨论高洪波下课还为时过早。(记者 亢雪松) (责编:尚明桢、辛静)相关的主题文章: