Ten point line Yes, it is to do the best JAC independent design zhuxianduowan

The ten point line: Yes it is Huaihe to do the best independent design [Abstract] every night at ten, the Tencent car take you at a glance today Jun line car circle important information. · semi annual report released some people worry about joy of domestic listed enterprises semi annual report released after all, thanks to the first half of the market to pick up quickly, in addition to a department of two car companies and some commercial enterprises a sharp decline in performance, the majority of listed car enterprises to maintain a steady growth trend. The independent brand performance comparison of 6 large automotive group, GAC trumpchi is undoubtedly the most beautiful, but the FAW, Beiqi own brand continued losses, and the trend of expansion. Independent brand is not easy, the first line to refuel you! · the Great Wall car in the first half to earn 4 billion 920 million liters of the Great Wall car in the first half of the income of 41 billion 700 million yuan, up by $4.42%; earn $4 billion 926 million, up 4.42%, earn $0.54 per share ($12.19%). So the first emperor nouveau riche, decided to give myself a small goal, such as in a dream to earn one hundred million! · domestic oil prices back to 6 Yuan era to fill a box to spend 8 dollars according to recent changes in international oil prices, the formation mechanism according to the current oil prices, September 1st 24 refined oil price increase in the sixth year of attack! Gasoline rose 205 yuan per ton, diesel raised by $200 per ton, gasoline rose by $90 per liter, No. 92 gasoline rose by $0.16 per liter, No. 95 increased by $0.17, 0 liters per liter of diesel increased by $0.17. What also don’t say, this line to line up! · BMW will be announced – three new energy strategy listed on the new car tonight, BMW group will officially announce new plans in the field of new energy, and there are three new energy vehicles announced the official price to enter the market. BMW group will be pure electric vehicles and hybrid cars as the focus of product development direction. BMW’s electric car design is really very beautiful, ah, you like it, just trapped in a word, qiong! · Jianghuai to do independent design best of June 2005, when most of the independent brand is also seeking cooperation on other vehicles through outsourcing, JAC has his own R & D Center opened in Italy, and its mission is very clear: in the overseas recruitment of international high-end talent, learning and absorbing the advanced countries the design process and design concept. Only hope JAC car can do the concept of Lin Chiling, mass production is also Lin Chiling. · Google pushing Waze to move the car sharing service Uber cheese Google is owned by virtue of the carpool service to "grab" the market share of Uber, which will help workers to more low price car travel. It is worth noting that Google added, further escalation of intense competition in the market will carpool. Now the car market really is fierce competition, is the so-called long hours, you spot coupon is the right way. · Chen Binbo leaves office? Dongfeng Honda and the parties expressly denied today’s media broke the news, said Chen Binbo, deputy general manager of Dongfeng Honda (click to view the latest figures disappear.相关的主题文章: