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Watercress score 8.8 animated dinosaurs "you look delicious" – my mother Carol is maternal hair Sohu overseas education group for more than and 10 years English picture book promotion, parent-child reading practice here and we introduce 100 thousand mother exchange experience enlightenment today is from the famous dinosaur picture book writer Miyanishi Dachiya’s "you look very delicious" also, this book was made into a cartoon. Watercress score of 8.8 cartoons, Xiao Bian strongly recommended that mothers and children must go to see Oh, directly in Youku search you look very delicious! This book is suitable for children aged 3-10. "You look delicious" Author: gong xi Tatsuya, born 1956 in Shizuoka County, graduated from Nihon University Department of fine arts art, stage art, graphic design of a doll in the drama, began the creation of picture book. He won the "good luck" to today Kodansha Publishing Culture Award this award, "Altman" and the father is this work obtained the kenbuchi picture picture book award xiang. The story of warmth and intensity of the style is widely welcomed by children and adults. Picture sharing: before, before, a long time ago, on a sunny day. Bang Bang mountain to fire, to shake my fingers. At this time…… The original is the Ankylosaurus baby. But he found only one person, so lonely, so he cried. At this time the Tyrannosaurus Rex appeared, hey hey hey, you look like very delicious." Rex dripping with slobber, was pounced on. "Dad!" The baby was hugged Rex, "I’m scared!" Rex shocked, not to say: "how do you know I am your father?" Because you call my name. Know my name, it must be my father." "Name, name?" "Well, you say, ‘you look good.’". My name is’ very good’." Overlord dragon eyes. "I’m starving." "Good" start crunching their writing. "It’s good to eat! Dad, you can eat it!" "Well…… Ah ah…… Not as meat…… No, no no no, dad is not hungry, you eat it." "Thank you. I want to eat more. I look like my father." "Ah? Grow up like me……" Said the king in a whisper. At this moment…… Chilantaisaurus walked over, eyes flashing red. "Hey hey, it looks delicious." "Uncle, do you know me?" "Well, of course, because it looks delicious!" Then, Chilantaisaurus open mouth, to "delicious" pounced. "Oh!!" Rex saveda "delicious", endured the pain, snapped out of the tail…… Bam! "It’s delicious." I don’t know anything. I’m still eating grass. Full, "very good" sleep, sleep very fragrant!相关的主题文章: