The blood type Poverty Alleviation — energy — PV + mode in Yanchi County of Ningxia googims

The blood type Poverty Alleviation — energy — in many industrial areas of poverty alleviation in Yanchi County of Ningxia "PV +" mode, depending on the characteristics of photovoltaic poverty clean and steady income has become a new force in many places for precise poverty alleviation. Reporters recently at the National PV focus on poverty alleviation Ningxia County Dundian Yanchi County, Wuzhong City survey found that local search "with free sun in exchange for poverty alleviation funds" and "Yanchi mode", through the construction of photovoltaic power plants for commercial enterprises to invest in the local poverty alleviation index. "Salt mode" from simply to poor households, to improve the power gain of infrastructure finance poverty alleviation, agriculture and animal husbandry industry poverty alleviation and extension, enlarge the photovoltaic effect of poverty alleviation. Drove from Yinchuan to Southeast travel an hour into the Ningxia only a pasturing area of Yanchi County county. Although here is pastoral, but perennial drought, strong wind. The harsh natural conditions and weak industrial base for long-term poverty alleviation in Yanchi road is difficult to have a big breakthrough. However, in recent years, with the rapid development of new energy industry, ample sunshine, vast land for Yanchi county poverty brings new opportunities. In 2014, the government of the autonomous region’s matchmaking, with daylight resources attracted in large – China poverty alleviation livelihood investment Limited by Share Ltd. The development of energy industry in Ningxia development and Reform Commission deputy director Haitao said, under the current policy, the investment of photovoltaic power plants is a very profitable business, but the photovoltaic power plant settled in local can not bring substantial employment opportunities for local or tax, can not effectively promote local economic development. Therefore, from Ningxia to promote local economic development view, set up investment and supporting conditions of photovoltaic industry investment ratio of 1:1, the enterprise wants to obtain investment opportunities in the photovoltaic industry in Ningxia, we must invest the same amount of the other. Investment in China and Ningxia cooperation mode, enterprises choose the investment industry poverty alleviation. The general manager of the China Light Fu Ningxia Investment Company Limited Bai Baolin said, enterprises also have social responsibility, Ningxia is currently the most urgent task is to get rid of poverty, so we invested heavily in Yanchi County in 2017 and strive to help get rid of poverty. According to the agreement, the people voted in Yanchi county approved the construction of a 2000 MW global single largest photovoltaic base, has built 1000 MW, 350 MW power generation. In return, China investment in Ningxia 7 billion 660 million yuan investment in supporting poverty alleviation projects. Currently has invested 23 million yuan, involving the village poverty alleviation power station, the construction of the beautiful countryside, poverty alleviation and Guarantee Corporation, meat processing industry chain such as diversification of poverty alleviation projects. "The wind does not help me, the rain does not help me, the industry helps me; underground does not have, on the ground does not have, the blue sky has." Investment in China long pier village poverty alleviation station at the entrance of Yanchi, setting up such a pair of antithetical couplet. Yanchi County Poverty Alleviation Office Deputy Director Cai Xiangyang pointed to the sun in the sky, Kaoshanchishan, saying, relying on such a big sun, people also Yanchi to a good opportunity to reduce poverty. According to the relevant ministries issued by the photovoltaic poverty alleviation advice, the most basic goal is to help poor photovoltaic PV households by the annual income of more than 3000 yuan of photovoltaic power generation income. It is also a kind of blood transfusion to pay the proceeds directly to farmers相关的主题文章: