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The bond market was other markets around the world can escape U.S. stock market center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes Sina warrants stocks news Beijing time 10 days Bloomberg said, a phenomenon in the market this week is very eye-catching: bond prices diving, rate of the world’s big economies long jump the term sovereign debt yields. Some strategists pointed out that relatively high stock valuations only in bond yields low environment is reasonable, so any volatility in sovereign debt prices are unlikely to be confined to the bonds of a market. In recent days, Europe and Japan issued a dramatic changes in bond prices, reminiscent of the second quarter of 2015 when the "German debt storm", then DavidZervos chief market strategist Jefferies Llc said, the market suffered a spring dryness disease and spread to other global asset classes. The Bank of Japan’s comprehensive assessment of its stance on monetary policy ahead of its September meeting raised concerns that it could reduce the purchase of long-term sovereign debt. Such concerns have pushed bond yields up earlier this month and have been re – ignition in recent days. Yields on 30 – year treasury bonds are now at their highest level since March. On Thursday, European government bonds also suffered the fate of similar Japanese bonds, because the European Central Bank on Thursday announced no increase in stimulus or to extend the acquisition of assets. German 10 year bond yields rose above zero on Friday for the first time since July 22nd. The repositioning of bond yields is not driven by changes in Fed policy expectations. The Fed’s interest rate hike in September is essentially the same as a week ago. However, the U.S. market has not been able to avoid the recovery of bond yields. Since the end of 2013, a significant flattening of the yield curve in recent days significantly steeper, the difference in the yield of the 2 year period of the 10 year bond yields widened to the United Kingdom since the end of the referendum period in the vicinity of the high-end. Under the tide of global bond sell-off, the UK 10 year bond yields recovered in August 4th, the Bank of England cut interest rates and expand the decline since the acquisition of assets. The bond market was, other asset classes are affected. Long term bond yields are likely to bring trouble to one of the hottest investment strategies in 2016. David Woo is responsible for Merrill Lynch Global interest rate and currency research said, a combination of risk parity (the most basic case contains a plus leveraged debt long positions and a long position in the stock) usually begins when sovereign debt prices fell underperforming. Editor: Wang Yongsheng SF153相关的主题文章: