The center may 93 year old grandfather with 92 year old grandmother go through a marriage certificat

The center may: 93 year old grandfather with 92 year old grandmother go through a marriage certificate (Figure) – Beijing Beijing in Yichang on 25 August, August 25th (Liu Mingqiang), who lives in Xiling District of Hubei city in Yichang Province, the 93 year old Lou Europe and 92 year old wife Kong Shudong hand in hand to the local civil affairs department, go through the loss of 60 years of marriage card. "63 years of marriage, today re lost 60 years ago the marriage certificate, we finally won the couple wish for many years." In the registry, the old man said. Grandpa Lou European 93 year old handwritten "Li Lou wind perturbation card a harmonious union lasting a hundred years" Europe in 1953 and Kong Shudong tied the knot, two people’s marriage certificate in 1956 when first move is lost. In 60 years, the old man has not retroactive marriage certificate, which has become a concern of their. Lou Kong Shudong grandma is Europe and go through a marriage certificate in Yichang City, Lee wind perturbation Street Liao Jia Tai community Secretary Wang Wen learned that the man in the long cherished wish when visiting, immediately to the relevant procedures for the Civil Affairs Department of marriage certificate. A few days later, Wang Wen and community workers hired a professional photographer for two elderly people to take photographs of marriage. The old man successfully re submit the marriage certificate Li wind photo 25 early in the morning, Wang Wen and community staff car of the two elderly people with mobility received a civil marriage registration office of marriage certificate, round the old man’s wish. The old man happy to show the new staff for marriage certificate photo by Li Feng reportedly, married for 60 years, the old man has been with Europe and Kong Shudong Lou "affection, friendship, patriotism and national feelings" family taught generations, four generations of a family of 16 people, has 6 members, 6 people to teach in the University inheritance, a "elegant room, auspicious harmonious happy family. (end)相关的主题文章: