The cool wind and rain off autumn around Shandong qiuyinong roxane hayward

The cool wind and rain off "autumn" around Shandong qiuyinong Ji’nan one week weather forecast in September 15 to 17 on the three day of the Mid Autumn Festival holiday, Ji’nan has been maintained at the highest temperature above 30 degrees, which makes many people feeling really is the illusion". 17, the reporter learned from the Ji’nan Meteorological Bureau, is expected to start from the beginning of the day, a weak cold air will affect Ji’nan, the next three days will continue to reduce the temperature of the weather, from the beginning of the temperature will gradually rise from 21. The next three days will be cool recently this week every day so hot, feel this autumn than in previous years to be late, is this the legendary "autumn tiger"?" The public sun for the last few days of the hot weather, some depressed, originally intended to mid autumn festival with family travel to see him, but only recently hot weather at home for three days. Reporters combed found that from August 29th to September 6th, the highest temperature in Ji’nan for 9 consecutive days at more than 30 degrees celsius. For fear of hot people, there is a good news is that from the beginning of 18, with the cold air, the temperature will be significantly reduced in Ji’nan. "The next seven days the weather is still mainly cloudy to sunny, cloudy day 18 days, 3~4 northeast wind gust 6, the minimum temperature of Jiyang, Shanghe 16 degrees Celsius, and other urban county (city) District of 18 degrees, the maximum temperature of 26 degrees celsius. Compared with last week, there is indeed a slight cooling." Ji’nan Meteorological Bureau staff said, is expected to 19, the temperature will continue to decrease, 3~4 northeast wind gust 6, the minimum temperature of Jiyang, Shanghe city and other 15 C, county (city) District of about 17 degrees Celsius, the highest temperature of 25 degrees celsius. This weather will be maintained to 20, the minimum temperature of 11 degrees ~15 degrees C,, maximum temperature of 25 degrees C. It is expected that in a few days after the cold, the temperature will rise again in 20, continue this hot and cold alternating mode. Recently the weather is not hot autumn this year is the "autumn" to be more violent than in previous years? In this regard, Ji’nan meteorological observatory forecasters do not agree. A staff member said that from the previous years, the data, in September the temperature often alternating hot and cold, there is a brief hot weather is normal. While the industry agreed "autumn" refers to the Chushu solar term for 5 consecutive days after the highest temperature is over 35 DEG C, the reason is that the subtropical high again and Jianghuai area in the vicinity of control. That is to say, the weather in Ji’nan recently is not strictly a "qiulao hu". Beginning in late September continued to cool, the recent Ji’nan air relative humidity is low, dry air in the hot sun shining, the body will feel hotter." A weather expert, now the temperature difference between morning and evening, the average temperature is lower than in summer. In fact, with alternating hot and cold hot season is short, slowly to the fall transition signal, and Ji’nan really feel it generally have to wait until late September before the official start. Shandong provincial meteorological observatory on September 18th at 6 o’clock in the morning weather forecast: today the day to night, the province’s weather cloudy and sunny, northwest of the western part of the local showers. Northeast wind, peninsula and northwest of Shandong 4~5 class gust 7, other reports相关的主题文章: