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The daily recommended "monitor" tour can peep neighbor hey hey hey? The "daily recommended tours" stations [Sina game original unauthorized reprint] Hilary’s recent "mail" and "South Korean President Park Geun Hye bestie" trouble on the privacy of citizens and raise a Babel of criticism of, the credibility of the government has once again pushed the hot. As a classic anti Utopian work, "1984" in a few decades ago predicted that modern society citizens no privacy, civil liberties to be built on the will of the government. After several decades, our thrilling discoveries, this prophecy is slowly becoming a reality. Dystopian novel "1984" became a terrible prophecy before the recommended tour we have and share two items about the privacy of the game, is a "copy", you have to break the suspects in the mobile phone, looking for a criminal record from his phone records, another is the "STANLEY the fable", STANLEY employees work every day in accordance with the instructions from the screen, but eventually discovered that he was under surveillance network company clouds one minute. Today, we recommend this game for the "monitor", it is even more naked to restore the "1984" in the plot. "Watcher" Steam store: "watcher" (Beholder)相关的主题文章: