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The daily worker: "I’m sorry, I can’t give you a seat" – View – original title: "I’m sorry, I can’t give you a seat" not to seat the seat or not in a fight to compete, but hope that every individual has the freedom of choice, hope to maintain a mutual respect or maintain the proper distance between people". Recently, a "aunt, I’m sorry, I can’t give you a seat" brush short video explosion made a circle of friends, playing the amount of over one million times in a video site. In the video, a year of big lady sitting on the bus for a young man gave up his seat and said, "I have so much older, you are young, with arms and legs……" At this time, the boy raised his prosthetic leg, said Aunt, I really can not let, I have no legs". The video is carefully planned and taken, is not true, but apparently comes from life. In recent years, let not your seat and help does not help "seem to have become the two major topics in moral and human test. Every time, network media and social media will set off the discussion and the war of words. "The child seat is not called" sick old man did not respect quickly roll. "The guy did the first time to take the bus seat by her mother-in-law who hit the bus" bun "the old man said crying child seat force"…… This news headlines, you are not deja vu? Perhaps it is again and again in the idea that the story, "aunt, I’m sorry, I can’t give you a seat" can arouse people’s sympathy — don’t think they occupy the "moral" high, you can just kidnap others. In fact, the bus in the process, encountered no less so no seat problem. Most of the time, people need a seat as long as good words to explain my inconvenience, can usually be "you", to the satisfaction of all. "I think that good old, for those who don’t let you seat", somewhat distasteful. Moral kidnapping, not a small disaster. Remember last year’s Tianjin harbor explosion? Ma Yun was almost captured and micro-blog users, all in one story are "you’re so rich, why don’t you donate? In fact, Ma donated not donations, is his personal rights. Why are some people in the name of morality and the abuse of his body after the skin? In reality, because of such groundless accusations and the so-called high standards of injury less? Like the seat, the seat is a virtue, not a seat is not necessarily unethical, the specific circumstances require specific analysis, if the parties who have underlying illness or physical discomfort, the seat is too much? Good at taking advantage of people’s good moral kidnapping, to achieve their purpose. "Aunt, I’m sorry, I can’t give you a seat" this video, a beggar asked for a yuan of money also want more a little fragment. Although the interpretation of components, but in reality the poor beggar camouflage Bo sympathy things are not uncommon — don’t let crooks succeed, do not condone their unearned, it should be considered not good? Furthermore, we do not want or do not seat on a seat in the fight to compete, but hope that every individual has the freedom of choice, I hope people)相关的主题文章: