The defendant argued that Jilin Petrochemical due to pollution on the environment of shutting down m

The defendant argued that Jilin Petrochemical due to pollution on the environment of shutting down more damage – Sohu news PetroChina Co Ltd of Jilin Petrochemical Company (hereinafter referred to as "Jilin petrochemical"), the day before due to air pollution by environmental groups sued in court. The morning of November 18th, Beijing City, Chaoyang District friends of the natural environment research institute (hereinafter referred to as "Friends of nature") v. Jilin Petrochemical Company of air pollution liability dispute case, the first hearing in Jilin Province, Jilin City Intermediate People’s court. As the presiding judge in this case in Jilin City Intermediate People’s Court chief judge Liu Fengchang environmental resources, which is in Jilin Province in 2013 to set up environmental resources division in Jilin City Intermediate People’s court since the province’s first environmental public interest litigation cases. During the trial, both the original defendant around the defendants are exceed the standard discharge behavior "and" exceed the standard discharge of pollutants caused by atmospheric environmental governance costs how to determine the "two focus of the court debate, atmospheric environmental governance costs caused by the defendant in court for the plaintiff exceed the standard discharge behavior were identified, the defendant agrees. The trial lasted about 2 hours, because the plaintiff does not agree to mediation, the full court adjourned the trial, sentencing time notice. Plaintiff: Jilin Petrochemical long-term super row public information, Jilin petrochemical company owned power plant "power plant" is mainly responsible for the Jilin petrochemical plant of central power supply, steam supply, and water power energy task. Power plant is the source of excessive emissions of atmospheric pollutants in this case. The Ministry has publicly disclosed in the implementation of the two months before the 2015 briefing of new environmental law: "Jilin Province, Jilin City Environmental Protection Bureau of Jilin Petrochemical Company of air pollutant emissions exceed the standard behavior of consecutive daily fines of 780 thousand yuan." According to the control of pollution sources on-line monitoring data and relevant administrative punishment decision book display, January 2015 -2016 at the beginning of August, the "power plant" to exceed the standard atmospheric emissions of pollutants, including sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, soot. In February 2015 -2016 year in January, the Jilin Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau for PetroChina Jilin has made 10 emissions exceed the standard of administrative punishment decision, including 8 consecutive daily fines, fines totaling 6 million 510 thousand yuan. The list of 39 companies in Northeast air pollutant emission data released in November 5th this year to focus on sources of pollution automatic monitoring system of the environmental protection department found abnormal, suspected in the PetroChina Co Ltd still exceed the standard, power plant of Jilin petrochemical company. The friends of nature, the defendant in Jilin petrochemical company long-term (over 18 months) exceed the standard discharge of atmospheric pollutants, the facts are clear, the evidence is sufficient, accumulated by the environmental protection department of administrative punishment, a total of 13 times, the penalty amount is as high as 18 million 700 thousand, and has not fully compliance rectification, its illegal sewage behavior seriously endanger the atmospheric environment. Damage to the public interest. Friends of nature to request the court to order the defendant to stop the pollution of the atmospheric environment exceed the standard of infringement, eliminate all does not comply with environmental protection laws and regulations caused by the behavior of the atmospheric environment risk, and to accept the sewage exceed the standard atmospheric environmental governance costs incurred during the,.相关的主题文章: