The famous fan niche collection ushered in the spring

The famous fan niche collection ushered in the spring fu fan painting (data sheet) at present, the auction Autumn Auction boutique has unveiled a preview, continue the good momentum of this spring, has a profound cultural background and value of the collection of calligraphy and painting into a fan attention once again. This year, when all kinds of collections in the market downturn cautious winter, calligraphy and painting into a fan volume and prices are rising, has become a leader in small collection, but also a glow in the art market. Reporter Shi Wenjing fan is the party "potential shares" in recent years into a fan in the overall market volatility, but the price has been a rising trend, especially the famous boutique or very large. Last year and this year the fan market is showing a strong momentum of recovery. To shoot this spring as an example, in June held in Beijing poly Chinese modern fan club, modern masters 52 fan works a total turnover of 24 million 529 thousand and 500 yuan, turnover rate of 100%. Among them, Fu Baoshi and Qi Yanming "on the map" to 2 million 127 thousand and 500 yuan turnover, won the title, and fan became a dramatic spring auction on the market highlights. Guardian, Kuang launch many fan auction turnover rate is very high, a fan plate is considered "with its rich cultural heritage and the collection value, let collectors dig out the potential charm". From the autumn auction auction preview can be seen in many famous painting fan will shoot, including Qi Baishi, Huang Binhong, Qi Gong, Wu Changshuo, Mei Lanfang and other famous painting or art into popular fan. A collector forecast from the market situation of famous fan may still have the outstanding performance. Talking about calligraphy and painting into a fan of this year in Shandong Hengchang auction general manager A new force suddenly rises., Yang Ning told reporters, fan painting is a unique niche collection, compared to handmade scroll and antithetical couplet, famous fan paintings because of its unique temperament and interest, a very high artistic value, so the fan’s market volatility but not too much. "As far as I know, the number of fan painting collectors are not particularly affected by factors such as climate, fan and the fan is more suitable for the preservation in the south, so the current collectors in the south, the north into a fan of a bit weak. Fan collectors pay more attention to the collection of fine products, the selection of fine, partial elegance." Yang Ning said that this year, fan trading prices rose steadily, with the collection of relatively fixed crowd. "In this field, the new collectors will not be too much, basically is the old collectors in the transaction. Most of the fans into the hobby, they tend to hide not to sell, a good fan is difficult to enter the trading market. Therefore, this market has been in a relatively rational state, will not rise violent iron, collections prices rose steadily, and there is room for appreciation." Famous works is a hot topic since ancient times, is composed of a fan, fan painting, fan cover and shanzhui the "fan", is "the literati, advertised grade play thing, so for many collectors, fan collection is the embodiment of taste, knowledge and interest, can not be equated with investment money. Calligraphy and painting into a fan with its cultural value contained in the open. Shandong provincial system of non fan successor Du Xinran told reporters.相关的主题文章: