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The greatest power is "– written in the" 918 "war eighty-five Anniversary – Beijing, September 18, 1931, the Japanese fascists launched the" 918 "incident, brazenly invaded the Northeast China. Chinese people started the first shot of the world anti fascist war, China’s 14 years of hard war kicked off the prelude. 14 years of resistance, for 14 years, the battle of the past 14 years. Chinese people together to win the first round victory against a war of aggression in modern times, the Chinese nation has ushered in a historic turning point by disaster-ridden rejuvenation. China made contribution to the victory of world anti fascist war. Recalling the past time, see the light in front. The Chinese people’s war of resistance against Japan and the great victory of the world anti fascist war show us: as long as the base platform, product thickness into a potential, there is no impossible to break through, there is no problem can not be solved. Today, we have entered the peak construction period of deepening reform, facing a major historic task in deep water area, kenyinggutou. We must not forget history, face the future, to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese dream of unremitting efforts. History has proved that in the face of danger when the Communist Party is the mainstay Chinese. Today, the party is also a powerful promoter of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, but also a staunch defender of the cause of human peace and justice. The most essential feature of socialism with Chinese characteristics is the leadership of the Communist Party of China, the biggest advantage of the socialist system with Chinese characteristics is the leadership of the Communist Party of china. Uphold and improve the party’s leadership, the party and the country is the fundamental, the lifeblood of the interests of the people of all ethnic groups, where happiness lies. "The country is still so broken, what I cherish this head!" For the country, the people, justice, ideals and beliefs for heroism and the world showed China soldiers and civilians in the 14 years of hard war coexistence. Today, we still need this spirit. The key to reform the brave victory, morale should be boosted. Focus on the difficulties, make up the short board, the pilot, to seek a breakthrough, the real thing, we need to make snap, zhuangshiduanwan. As the general secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: "we should take courage to self revolution spirit, firm and indomitable perseverance to promote reform, courage to surgery accumulated years of stubborn chronic malaria, the courage to touch the deep-seated interests and contradictions, resolutely break the shackles of ideological concepts, resolutely get rid of interests curing barriers, resolutely eliminate institutional obstacles hinder the development of social productive forces." Only in this way, we can work in the new starting point forward. It is the historical experience of the victory of the war of resistance against Japan and the fundamental guarantee for the continuous development of our cause to insist on everything for the people and for the people. During the war of resistance against Japanese aggression, the Chinese people were quickly awakened, the Chinese nation was unprecedentedly united, and the great national spirit with patriotism as its core was unprecedentedly high. Today, we still have to firmly believe that the foundation of the party in the people, the party’s strength in the people. Only the hearts of the people in the highest position, to serve the people wholeheartedly, to lead the people to create a happy life as an unswerving goal, to the progressive era, the country can develop, in order to maintain party cohesion and fighting capacity. China people’s Anti Japanese War and the world anti fascist!相关的主题文章: