The Hunger Games Movie Meh, Take It Or Leave It. -winlinez

Movies-TV Years ago, as I was reading through The Hunger Games trilogy I found myself skimming over page after page. The story was great, but the writing left a lot to be desired. Granted, the books are labeled young adult so I should not be comparing the content to The Life of Pi or some other work of literary fiction, but the writing was just to sum it up bland. Even before the books became a sensation, it was obvious just from feeling how the book read that it was going to be made into a movie. And that is because the books read just like a screen play or movie script. Before I went into the theatre, I already knew exactly what to expect and what I would see on screen. With other films taken from books, like Harry Potter or The Lord of The Rings, I am excited to see how the director has shaped the authors work to fit a new medium, but with THG I felt like we (the audience) knew what was coming before the reels started to role. A good part of this is that The Hunger Games film nailed it. I can not think of a part that the film did not represent wholly and truly to the book. Okay, there is one part I wished the dogs at the end were more terrifying like they were in the books. But besides that small part, the casting was spot on and the computer graphics were wonderful in recreating the world. So if the movie did such a good job of representing the book, what is my problem exactly? Well the movie did too much of a good job, and yes, I realize how silly that sounds. After the credits started to crawl up the screen I just had a sense of well of nothing. I thought to myself Huh that was a waste of time. I had already seen this movie in my head while I read the book and the new medium did nothing to make the story new or exciting. I was hoping I would get a closer look at the control room, or at District I than what the book offers but the same lines and descriptions are used in the movie and it falls flat for someone who has read the books. Movies like Twilight and The Hunger Games get released within years of the cult like following their books create. This is obviously done to cash in on a loyal fan base who is interested and yearning for more, but I think books need time to age before a new medium tries to tackle them. Of course, I think this idea is for naught and anything that appeals to the masses now will be monetized in any way possible now. I cannot argue with this approach since it works, but I think I will wait to watch a movie based off of a book until the book is not as fresh in my mind. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: