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What are food supplements and why do we need them? Food supplements are medicines we take to enhance our diets. They .e in various shapes and sizes and a wide range of natural and synthetic elements. At first glance it may seem that with all the processing and food technology our food goes through we really should not need these food supplements, as our food arrives to our tables looking so picture perfect. However when we look deeper we see a very different story. Have you ever walked into your local grocery store and looked at the wonderful display of fruits and vegetables. The fruit is piled in beautiful pyramids and looks so good that you just cannot resist taking some home to eat. The beautiful looking fruits we see in the stores with their shiny exteriors and inviting appearance are not what they seem. The shiny look is not the natural bloom of a healthy looking fruit it is merely wax. Why would our fruits be dipped in wax? The first reason is to preserve it in the long journey from the farm to the grocery store, and secondly to fool consumers into thinking that the fruit is better than it is by its glossy appearance. When we dig even deeper into our piece of fruit we discover that nutrition wise it is not what it should be. From its very birth it has been subjected to artificial fertilizers and pesticides that have depleted its nutrient worth. Added to this it has been picked when it is unripe before it has had chance to produce the natural nutrients that should be present within it. Therefore the fruit we are so impressed with on the outside tells a very different story within. It is not just the fruits in the store it is all the food that we buy and consume. When examined it will all tell the same sad story, things are not what they appear to be. This is why to preserve our health food supplements are necessary. One of the most important classes of nutrients that should be found in natural foods like fruits and vegetables are Glyconutrients. They are a collection of 8 essential saccarides. They are: Mannose Glucose Galactose Xylose Fuctos (not fructose) N-acetylglucosamine N-acetylneuramic acid N-acetylgalactosamine These Glyconutrients used to be found in many fruits and vegetables but due to the above mentioned facts are now found in lesser quantities. Therefore food supplements have been developed containing these nutrients. One of the best known is Ambrotose, originally derived from the Aloe Vera plant. This supplement helps your body heal itself by strengthening the immune system. It also helps the body by aiding and healing the digestive system. Glyconutrients play a vital part in helping your body function well and maintaining your health. Many of the underlying health problems we face today are due to the lack of Glyconutrients. 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