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The latest fund asset size of less than ten million Taiping "name" still boast Sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Extra financial network < < > > extra finance; note that the recent peace fund is not peaceful, the first is the chairman and general manager turnover, after the equity change and by central BP renamed peace fund. In fact, the fund has only its asset management scale is less than 10 million yuan. In August 23rd, the Central Plains stone Fund Management Company Limited (renamed as the "Peace Fund Management Company Limited") issued two notices, a stake in the company is changed, the name should be changed; the two is the "number one" substitutions, chairman and general manager of the whole again. According to the announcement, the Equity Fund Management Co. Ltd. Zhongyuan stone transfer Zhongyuan securities Limited by Share Ltd and Cci Capital Ltd at 34% and 32% to the Pacific Asset Management Company Limited respectively; in addition, the registered capital of the Central Plains stone Fund Management Co., increased from 200 million yuan to 227 million yuan, the amount of the capital increase of 27 million yuan, the full subscription by Pacific information management such as capital. Matters related to the above matters related to the change of business registration and other matters, has been completed in accordance with the provisions. In addition, in August 22, 2016, Tang Haitao, the new chairman, former chairman of the outgoing president, general manager of the new general manager of the new deputy general manager of the new king, Kim, deputy general manager of. Zhou Xiaoquan is the former president of central China Securities, China Securities Regulatory Commission Director of supervision agency clerk, the Commission Director of risk management of securities company office. According to wind data statistics, as of now, only 1 funds under the Taiping Fund – the Central Plains flexible configuration, as of September 8th, the unit net value of $0.7220, the establishment of net fell by 27.80%. It is worth noting that, by the end of the two quarter, the latest share of the latest estimates published in, the fund’s net size as of September 8th was only $9 million 865 thousand and 800. It is That’s final. liquidation. It is understood that, previously, Nakahara Eshi had issued a monetary fund, but was brutally winding up. "The industry ranked first, management scale is less than the millions of Nakahara Eshi (now Pacific Fund), established only three and a half years, but has suffered the management equity incentive stranded, frequent changes in equity, abandoned by the acquisition of embarrassment, or a way out." Insiders said that since the establishment of the company’s management has been frequent changes, each leader has a new idea, the development of stagnation is inevitable. < < > > extra finance; think, the key is how to face the future development of the fund? After the completion of the equity transfer, Taiping Insurance Group to become the actual controller of the Central Plains stone, holding 66% tube Taiping capital, central China Securities, at each holding 17%. The information management is asset management institutions by the Pacific Insurance Group, Pacific Insurance Group Holdings subsidiary China Taiping Insurance Holdings Company Limited (00966.HK) holding 80%, Holland future international Limited by Share Ltd holding 2 of insurance相关的主题文章: