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"The most" exposure height difference 40cm dialogue special Gao Yixiang darling male – Sohu "entertainment becomes the most adorable height difference" toothbrush concept poster holding inflatable doll Gao Yixiang Wang Shuilin interpretation of well behaved Curve Wrecker [Click to enter the HD Photo] Sohu entertainment news by Gao Yixiang, Wang Shuilin, starring Fan Tiantian, McCain’s comedy "love" will be the most adorable height difference in November 25th sweet Xian ying. Today, the film side exposed 40cm dialogue and special surprise posters, Gao Yixiang became "mercy", Wang Shuilin darling male "eat tofu" refer to the special cool burst with joy "! Gao Yixiang Wang Shuilin in "Chuangxi shy domineering guide the height difference between the most adorable" 40cm "dialogue" episode, the 100 lovers to pose the most adorable height difference is the theme of this breakdown in close interaction between the quarrelsome lovers anecdotes between lovers filming wall thump, kiss, etc.. Special interview, Gao Yixiang said: "the wall" carefully conceal mentioning this thing is very interesting." Indeed, because of the 40 cm height difference, the studio wall boom accidentally became a surprise hit the chest, rengaomada Gao Yixiang was the dainty and cute Wang Shuilin kick kick fly". In order to "revenge", referring to Wang Shuilin said: "kiss kiss naughty boys pose unique, too high, the girls have to jump on him, or climb, accidentally fall, Duang, the egg will burst." During the filming of foreign customers, Gao Yixiang hides as Wang Lichuan’s sister got skills, lying in bed at the mercy, Wang Shuilin unapologetically on said that after the interview, she proudly said: "at that time may still be a little surprise, he (Gao Yixiang) to give you the feeling that in this to me and die. I feel especially good!" The poster full of laughter and campus comedy constantly extended before Movie Poster style, creative actor to keep a low profile and not revealed truth, in the mystery of the "hand" is the strength of the pollution, the film side main Saimoe CP height difference concept, with a romantic powder as the background color, red and blue two brush height Yue bold a vibrant, underwear, like a couple in the wash face roughhouse, campus comedy incarnation "bath story", the male and female sun cheerful personality is ready. It is reported that "the most adorable height difference" tells the story of a wonderful warm heart of the campus love story: height 156 cm Xia Xiling (Wang Shuilin ornaments) is the Department of psychology Curve Wrecker, after-school hobbies outside of online games, height 196 cm Zhang Xiao (Gao Yixiang ornaments) is a photography graduate, tall and handsome he holds the campus men of God "title. In a chance encounter after the two fate constantly, inadvertently also because the most adorable height difference up to the campus, Zhang Xiao Xia Xiling well acquainted, but in one step closer to her in the process, found deep in the heart of summer Xiling secret…… It is understood that the "most" height difference by Gao Yixiang, Wang Shuilin, starring van Tiantian, McCain directed, will be landing in theaters nationwide on November 25th.相关的主题文章: